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New Patch! V1.2.0.2 -> V1.2.0.5 CHANGELOG

Fixed championship editor not correctly loading session weather settings from template/existing championship slots
Fixed error which resulted in saved custom championships having weather slots shifted by one slot
Fixed custom championship name not persisting when returning to editor
Fixed issue where session settings for a round would be reset when changing track
Fixed time/weather progression settings from editor not properly persisting in saved custom championships.
Fixed Stockcar 2020 Race 2 scoring

Added text to weather forecast entry of session/race settings to indicate if Real Weather will use historic data or current live weather forecast
Added warning dialog on session/race settings to notify if weather data cannot be found for a particular date/time configuration.
Added 'Suspension Setup Display' option to 'Gameplay > Display' allowing users to choose between steps or rates for suspension setting input values. (Main menu only. Cannot be modified in-session)
Further corrections to various vehicle UI info innacuracies

Further fine tuning to P1, GTE, GT3, GT4 tire treads
Further tire tread fine tuning to GT3 & kart rental tires
Porsche Cup: Revised aero; adjusted default diff settings (setup reset recommended)
Fixed damage warning glitch on various karts by temporarily adding dummy brakes to all wheels (front brakes exist but doesn´t actually provide any torque in kart 125cc, GX390 and Rental - proper fix & brake temperature readings in karts with more than one brake disc to follow in the next update)
Disabled hard compound for Group C
Minor adjustment to StockV8, P3/P4 tire tread
Minor BoP adjustment to GTE, GT3, GT4 classes
Fixed bug in M4 suspension triggering non-existing fast dampers
Revised brakes on GT4 cars
Increased diffuser downforce for Ginetta G55
Minor Mclaren 720S GT3 aero revisions
Minor front splitter adjustments for Ginetta G55, Camaro GT4R
Corrected fuel tank sizes for GTE cars, Cadillac DPi & BMW M4
Corrected BMW M4 steering rotation & ratio
Disabled onboard roll bar adjustments for Cadillac DPi & enabled for MCR2000
Revised aero in GTE, GT3, Cup & GT4 Porsches
Revised undertray aero in Stock Car 2020/21 models
Adjusted engine inertia for C8.R, Ginetta G55, AJR Chevy
Corrected restrictor plate limiting power output in AJR Chevy
Corrected M8 front right tire pressure
Fixed error removing all packers in default setup of F-Retros (all models, setup reset recommended)
Adjusted FFB Max force for BMWs M4, M6 & M8
P1, GT3, GTE, F-Retro AI calibration
Slightly improved AI performance on brakes / on wet track for tintops

Added more engine limiter samples
Wet skid/scrub volume lowered
Adjusted rumblestrip sound

Donington Park: Fixed AI leaving the garage hitting the door frame
Long Beach: Add pit lane cut block at pit exit
Speedland: Updated adverts
Laguna Seca: Updated curb textures
Londrina: More performance tuning
Santa Cruz: Fix "hiding" pit building roof tent
Taruma: Minor art & Performance pass
Velopark Minor art & Performance pass
Cadillac DPi-VR: Fixed cockpit mesh issue
F-Ultimate: Fixed display time delta
StockCar 2020 Cruze: Fixed front grill material issue
Camaro GT4R: Added 4 new liveries
Nice to see the Karts getting some loving and I'm also finding these 2 updates in the last week or so to be the killer updates. For me they seal the deal and I'm putting Assetto Corsa into the retirement home once and for all. Pretty impressive tbh.