new patch 1.1.2

Eckhart von Glan

Dec 29, 2006
Changelog v1.1.2

- Fixed inconsistency between AI and player car speed under pit limiter.
- Pit limiter speed limit now closer to 50kph.
- Stricter pit limiter tolerance against speeding.

- Fixed realtime leaderboard gap for close-range cases.
- HUD: margins can now be adjusted to up to half the maximum available screen resolution.
- HUD: countdown widget moved lower so as to not obscure virtual mirror.
- HUD options: separated session info from lap time info widgets.
- HUD options: floating point value rounding fixes for scale.
- MFD: remember last selected panel through sessions/menu-rebuilding.
- Pit page in MP: 2 second mandatory delay for drive button enabling - server-set delay applied on top of that.
- Pit page in MP: controller navigation tweaks for easier navigation to/from the chat widget.
- Pit page: proper hiding of the event schedule when there is only one session available.
- Replay UI: better handling of time slider mouse control, time indicator now updates while being dragged, possible fix for slider lock-up while using the free camera.
- Replay UI: fixed play/pause affecting replay speed.
- Fixed wind direction widget.

- Porsche 991 GT3-R EVO rear wing setup maximum value fix (0-11 range).
- Porsche 991 GT3-R EVO fix for wet front tyres.
- Better brake force when pad are cold
- Audi R8 EVO more powerful base FFB
- AMR V8 GT3 fixed fuel tank capacity (120l)

- Removed XBOX 360 gamepad preset from DirectInput device presets.
- Fixed exit game hangs with Fanatec hardware and the Fanatec app enabled.

- Various livery updates.
- Revised foot animations in cars with three pedals.
- Wet tyre indicator added to the Porsche 991II GT3-R display.

- Fixed bodywork audible in TV cameras.

- Server has a new way to handle the limits for connections, spectators, driver swapping and car slots.
- Number of available car slots are now limited by the pit count - private servers only.
- Raised control lock time by 15 seconds when teleported to pits.
- MP server: replaced maxClients, maxClientsOverride, spectatorSlots by maxConnections and maxCarSlots.
- Updated server handbook v5.
- Server: Fixed ambientTemperature not being used for static conditions (will still vary based on sun angle).
- Server: Fixed cloud levels set to a minimum of 0.6 when rain chance is used in dynamic conditions (increasing heavy rain chances big times).
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Eckhart von Glan

Dec 29, 2006
from the ACC forums: "Major AI problem after 1.1.2 update!!!! This morning, after the 1.1.2 update I started a race on Zandvoort against the AI. At the green light all the AI cars turned into the wall, taking me with them. I restarted ACC, but the problem still exists. Yesterday evening this wasn’t happening (before the update) …"


Nov 26, 2010
Untested or mistaken updates are always a problem ... :(
A usual bad habit nowadays :sneaky: ...

Eckhart von Glan

Dec 29, 2006
They say they had mistakenly uploaded a faulty version. New update at Steam announced for 18.00 CET. Just played my saved game, no probs there.