New P1 arrival and a question for owners?


My PI arrived a couple weeks ago, and all seemed to be in order except for some issues related to the 2 - long main 1400mm profiles. The issues are a few scratches / scuffs, along with a small dent and a much larger end dent.

I'd like some opinions about this from owners as perhaps I should forget it? They asked for pics but did not ever respond back. I figured they dismissed them because I was being too picky. Am I being too picky? Here are some of the pics.

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You are not being to picky. I dont think this would be a deal breaker for me but I would let them know and see if they would either compensate or send replacement parts but I would not send the whole thing back.


The nature of 80/20 aluminium extrusion is that it marks easily. I don't have the black coated profiles, but after 3+ years mine have many marks, in particular from changing the design from time to time.

The chunk out of the end in the last photo looks bad, but won't affect its function. Just put it somewhere you can't easily see it and you will soon forget about it.
I agree with @Ceolmor. The stuff gets demolished when you are modifying and moving parts around so no matter how perfect it is, it's never going to last that way. That said, if I told my customers that they'd have my balls for breakfast so it's definitely something you shouldn't just ignore. You also need to work out whether it was damaged going into the packing or damaged during shipment. While Simlab is more or less responsible no matter which part it happened, you can understand that it may not be their fault, just a bit of bad luck. Looking at the photo's I'd say that it's a little from both possibilities.

I'd organise the pieces so that they face inward or against a wall so that you don't see them. Once you've build the chassis and moved things a couple of times, you won't even remember which marks are which. Let them know, however. It's good feedback that the people in charge may need to take up with their staff responsible for the packing.

Have fun with the P1! Add some SFX-100 actuators to it once you've settled on your build :)
Thanks anton and everyone else that replied. About those actuators. They are currently siting in parts boxes waiting for me to assemble! :)