New Milestone Racing IP Gravel Delayed Until 2018

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    Proposed new racing title 'Gravel' has been delayed, release not expected until 2018.

    When Milestone announced their new racing IP, Gravel, to the world media back at the San Francisco Game Developers Conference in March, we were led to believe that the Forza Horizon / Sega Rally style arcade racer would be with us sooner rather than later... however after a concerning period of silence from the Italian development studio, it appears that an unfortunate delay has hit the new title causing a postponement of a public release until 2018, and casting a large shadow over what should have been an exciting new venture from a developer looking to regain credit in the race game public opinion.

    Revealed as part of the first video "Dev Diary" from Milestone, the news of a slippage in what appears to be the later stages of development will come as a blow to fans looking forward to this new arcade off road racer.

    Despite having gone on record to confirm 2018 is expected as a new release period, no exact date has been revealed by the studio.

    You can check out the very first Gravel Developer Diary in full below:

    Take a step into Milestone offices and meet the technical, audio and art team behind Gravel, the new arcade off-road racer built with Unreal Engine 4. This is the first of a series of behind the scenes contents, that will let you sneak peek behind the curtains and discover something more of what to expect from this extreme and fun driving game when it hits the shelves on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One in early 2018.


    Game Modes:

    Wildrush Game Mode

    The wildest locations around the world make for a perfect theatre to host the Offroad Masters show. Tracks made to show yourself and crush your opponents, without holding anything back.

    Cross Country
    Wide, open maps perfect to race with opponents in checkpoint competitions or to explore freely. Drive without boundaries, and steal the show.

    Speed Cross
    Take the fight into real tracks, and show your true skills as an offroad driver.

    Stadium Circuit
    Arenas filled with spectacular jumps: feel the roar of the crowd and launch your vehicle in extreme acrobatics!

    Gravel Channel
    Everything you do in Gravel is for the show: Offroad Masters, hosted by Gravel Channel, is the wildest offroad show on earth, and you are entitled to beat the Masters and take the top spot in the competition. Will you be up to the task?

    Gravel will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC during 2018.

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    You can stay abreast of the latest news for this game and a number of others at our Other Racing Games forum here at RaceDepartment.

    Disappointed about the delay? Looking forward to the game? Let us know in the comments section below!
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