New Live Timing and PB List!

Some love it, some hate it, but at request, here's the PB list back!
Remember though, the race counts, not hotlapping. :)

We've also installed a new Live Timing, showing sector splits, being absolutely real-time and looking (almost) like the real thing.
Edit: Removed, not working properly.
CLICK to get a working live timing.
Thankyou Dennis! This might help in giving laptimes to aim for and the sectors on the other one might help with setup a little bit as well[and tell us when to hop on server to watch others top speed etc]. :)
The live timing, not sure if it is just here...But sometimes the link shows whos on and sometimes it doesn't. Nope - At the time there were drivers on the server but it showed on the live timing that there is nobody.
Yes this timing is still in beta so sometimes it says theres people on when its not. It freezes when people leave room, only way you can tell is if the session time is counting down.
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