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New league idea and plea for help

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Richard Eriksson, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Richard Eriksson

    Richard Eriksson


    I'm working together with an old simracing-friend
    to create a new league, based on a concept
    that involves using different mods and even sims across the seasons. This would then
    give true multi-discipline championships. And we would also like it to remain "fun", so we can do
    crazy things like running a race with GMC Buses in rF or something silly like that, also most races
    would be fixed setup affairs, so that more people can jump right in and have fun.

    A way to play with different mods and sims and content, with new friends and still have some points
    structure going...

    We are thinking about using the same points scoring for any content, meaning that to win the league
    you will have to be good in any car/track/surface etc.

    Primarily this will be run on rFactor and rFactor 2, due to the amount of content available.

    With that background story, i now humbly ask for help. My experience of sim racing is vast, having
    been part of the community for more than 15 years actually (Microprose Grand Prix, baby!), i've tried
    it all and run in most forms of leagues. Mostly small however.

    But neither of us have ever run one. So this is where i really need some help from
    someone experienced in that.

    So i've come to RD to ask for some help. First, is this a good idea at all? Is this kind of
    "fun race" mix and match format something you would like?

    Secondly, is there ANYONE with league experience willing to come onboard and help us make it happen?

    We have hosting space for website and such, as well as broadband stability to run servers.

    However, the organizing of the actual league is new to us, and i want it to work smooth. '

    Remember, the idea is to try new things with a tight knit crowd and have fun. "Fun" is keyword, rather
    than competition, however that does not exclude competing for score :)

    If this is posted in the wrong section or not ok, or something, can a mod please correct?
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  2. Richard Eriksson

    Richard Eriksson