New 'Go Faster' Video - Weight Transfer Part 1

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    Kunos Simulazioni physics expert Aristotelis Vasiliakos has released a new driving tutorial video. This time Aris looks to explain the intricacies of soft versus stiff springs in a car's behaviour...

    Fresh off the back of several highly informative driving behaviour advice videos, Aris has today released his latest endeavour into the world of home made video creation with a great 26 minute tutorial explaining the pros and cons of different spring stiffness settings and how they effect a car during racing conditions.

    Billed as "part 1", this first release of presumably a multi part tutorial offers up some very useful information for sim race drivers looking to find the very maximum performance levels when racing the virtual race tracks of the world.

    You can catch the below video from Aris below, as well as a bit more information behind the purpose of the tutorial from the man himself...

    It is worth noting the following information posted by Aris post release of this video:

    Often in the video you will hear me say that the weight transfer with whatever setup I'm using is the "same", but the velocity is different. As I also explain in the video;
    But really helps us visualize what happens and decide how to setup the car. It will help us even more later with dampers and such.

    Things are much more complicated than "weight transfer is the same, but faster"... but we don't care. It's safe enough to act as if the amount of weight transfer is more or less the same, but the speed of the transfer occurring is faster or slower. It's a mind trick and honestly I think it works very well in order to visualize in your mind what is happening

    Ok? So the first one that says "hey but the weight transfer is not the same amount blablabla, roll blablabla, pitch yaddayaddayadda, rollcenters CoG, mumblemumblemumble... gets a ban

    No not really, but you see how complicated it is? Stick with me and you'll see later why it's better this way.

    Right. As I said, that's already a pretty difficult subject to understand and to explain, let alone doing so while you drive a hard combo. But I insist talking and driving because IMHO is more authentic and shows you my workflow.

    The 2nd most important thing to understand from this video. There is never a easy rule, it's always a compromise. You must find a range and move in there. Not too much of that and not too little of this. Watch the video and you'll understand

    So, there you go, enjoy the Ford Escort RS @ Zandvoort and have mercy at me!

    Assetto Corsa is a racing simulation designed by Kunos Simulazioni and is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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    Learn something new? Enjoyed the video from Aris? Want to see more of this kind of thing? Well post away in the comments and let us know! Leave a message below..
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    great vid, more please...
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  3. Arcon



    i'm just watching the video, great & thx for the informations !!!
    But Aris is talking about his second video for weight transfer, not his first - did i missunderstand?

  4. Alex72


    Yep. I think @Paul Jeffrey maybe hadnt woken up when he posted this. He works too much. :D;)

    EDIT: Actually the video is called that on youtube as well...
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  5. Mike Kadlcak

    Mike Kadlcak

    Aris did a prologue video for weight transfer where he tried to beat up Maurizio ... remember? And this is his part 1 of 'many' weight transfer videos showing actually stuff in AC. get it? :p
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  6. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris

    Some good intel
  7. autofrank


    Second part? The video says part 1 though.

    (edit: found the other videos.)