New forum layout

Aug 26, 2008
I hope so, imo it was great how it was, all the changing to the main site and forums is confussing me, liked how it was last time, especially how the site was a few days ago before it got changed again, seems it gets changed every few weeks ,rather confussing.

+ the member support forum got put near the bottom now and as a result the forum has been much less active then it was before, from my point of view anyway,

Am kinda lost again now and personally liked the last layout much more then this one.

Just my thoughts anyway.

Andrew Evans

i'm not a fan of the new layout either... the previous one was much better - and it's pretty annoying from a user perspective when stuff is changing all the time... you just get used to it... and comfortable where things are... then BAM... all change (with no obvious benefit)...

also - i'd add that the videos and download side modules are pretty useless down the right-hand side and just take away acres of space, making everything too squashed together....

not crits, just feedback...

Neil Gault

Feb 21, 2008
+ the member support forum got put near the bottom now and as a result the forum has been much less active then it was before, from my point of view anyway,
went looking for the member support this morning and could not even find it :teeth: will come back for a second look when i get more time

Resi Respati

Oct 23, 2008
Where did the PSB section go? :rotfl:

Edit: found it 1 second after I posted this :rotfl:

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Jul 2, 2008
Personally I think the new layout (as long as it's left alone for long enough) will be OK, once people get used to it. It's the changes that throw people more than anything else.

I suppose the benefits are that more of the forum content is visible but condensed vertically so there's no need for extensive scrolling. I can sort of see how there is a benefit there. Give it enough time for it to be familiar to people, and only then look to see if it works or not.

I have to agreee witgh Evanso regarding the little video/download/upload bars

They would be fine where they are if the forum fitted itself to the width of the window, but it doesn't, so there's some undesirable squashage in the posts, & post titles.

If those video/up/download thing could be placed horizontally above or below the posts, allowing the posts to fill the maximum allowable width, it'd alleviate that bugbear.

Steven Palmer

Sep 15, 2008
I personally prefer the older layout, each sim had it's own catergory and it was obvious and easy to navigate.

I have a problem also with the fact that the competition forum has been moved to the bottom of the page,as a regular contributor to the skin comp I like to know that the effort I put in to it is not wasted. As a new visitor to the site you wouldn't even know we run such a competition.

Jamie Wilson

Jul 30, 2007
I would suggest picking a layout and sticking to it rather than changing it seemingly on a whim every other week.

Kris Leeten

Nov 17, 2007
Actually we are testing out a new layout structure to see if we can create some more overview. Please give it a chance for 24 hours, and hold your comments for now please :)
:quiet: Still 11h & 16 minutes of silence to go :wink2:
But sure I'm also missing the nice subdivision in the virtual motorsport division. (Did I say this out loud?)

James Yates

Feb 19, 2008
I prefer the previous layout to the one we have now, it was easy to navigate and well laid out and in my opinion, didn't need changing at all. The only thing i didn't like with that layout is the video and download side modules as they do crush the forum a bit. Trying to find what I want in the forum with this new layout is like trying to get to Japan using only a block of cheese.