( NEW ) FM5: Formula Ford Eco Boost 200

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  1. Martyn Corcoran

    Martyn Corcoran
    Oulton Park 2015 for the BTCC

    The Format:

    Lobbies open at 10pm UK
    There will be a 10 minute practice session, after a 20 minute Qualifying session, then race one.
    There is a parade lap before each race so all drivers are in the correct place after the Qualifying session.
    If there is not maney racers there will be a saftey car. (SAFTEY CAR: FOR FIESTA ST )
    Damage - off
    Assists - unrestricted.
    No Mandatory Pit Stop

    Car Build:

    No upgrades allowed (P.I. S720)
    Tuning is allowed

    Livery requirements:

    Your race number must be displayed on each side of your rear wing.

    Championship Points:

    1st - 15

    2nd - 12

    3rd - 10

    4th - 8

    5th - 6

    6th - 5

    7th - 4

    8th - 3

    9th - 2

    10th - 1

    Driving Standards and other Regulations

    Please ensure that you are in game chat.

    We encourage close clean racing. Be respectful of other drivers and exercise caution with reckless moves and over ambitious late braking/dive bombing etc is all we ask.

    Calling your position when alongside another driver is strongly encouraged.

    You may defend your position, but you are allowed only ONE move to do so, and it must be done safely. Weaving to block another driver will result in penalties.

    If you take out another driver or gain a position as a result of making contact, that position must be returned as soon as possible or penalties will be applied.

    NOTE: This does not apply when we're dealing with a simple case of 'wheel-to-wheel'. I'm sure you know the difference.

    Remember: It's on the chasing driver to make the overtake safely. That tempting gap could well have closed by the time you get there.

    All the usual rules apply to corner cutting and other means of gaining an unfair advantage. Basically, don't do it.

    Claims Process

    When submitting a claim please supply information using the template below (please save your replay):

    Claimant Name: [Your registered gamertag]

    Incident Type: [Collision / Illegal Overtake]



    Lap Number or Race Time of incident:

    Info: [Example - 'XXXXXX' took me off the track on the 3rd corner on lap 6 and didn't return the position.]

    Please PM your claim info to TheRealZesty Or Owen

    In addition, if you have any video evidence please post that along with you claim

    Race Restarts

    A restart will only be called in the following situations:

    If multiple drivers lag out on the first lap then the race will restart with random grid.
    If a major incident (lag or racing collision) occurs on the first lap there is a yellow flag called rather than a restart. The lobby host will call the yellow flag and all cars would need to slow down to allow cars to group and give places back etc. Once grouped, and everyone is ready, the lobby host will call green flag when informed that the pack is grouped by the last driver. The saftey car will control the pace between the last corner and and will pull over towards the pit lane. There is no overtaking before the start/finish line, if anyone sees some one over take before the start and finish line, they must give the position back safely or they will get a point taken off them as a penalty.
  2. Martyn Corcoran

    Martyn Corcoran
    Oulton Park 2015 for the BTCC

    To sign up I need the following details


    If you have another driver same as listed above. Need to be 8 teams, and must be 2 drivers per team.
  3. Martyn Corcoran

    Martyn Corcoran
    Oulton Park 2015 for the BTCC

    Track calander

    Round 1
    Silverstone International Circuit
    Race 1 - 11 Laps
    Race 2 - 11 Laps

    Round 2
    Indianapolis Motor Speedway
    Race 1 - 11 Laps
    Race 2 - 11 Laps

    Round 3
    Race 1 - 12 Laps
    Race 2 - 12 Laps

    Round 4
    Nurburgring GP F CIRCUIT
    Race 1 - 11Laps
    Race 2 - 11 Laps

    Round 5
    Long Beach
    Race 1 - 15 Laps
    Race 2 - 15 Laps

    Round 6
    Circuit de spa Francorchamps
    Race 1 - 12 Laps
    Race 2 - 12 Laps