New drivers for Logitech wheels just released, can......

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Chris Sercombe, May 5, 2016.

  1. Chris Sercombe

    Chris Sercombe

    Can we have G920 support for RRE now please, thx

    Dear Users,
    The Logitech G Team has great news: LGS 8.83 GM is live now!

    We would like to thank you all for your support in the beta testings. It's with your feedback and cooperation that we can improve our products [​IMG]

    Please upgrade your Logitech Gaming Software to the 8.83 version. You can download it here:

    Why Update?

    • Corrected an input lag issue when the LED SDK and G-keys are used in certain games.
    Wheel fixes:

    • Contains firmware update for G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel:
      • corrects some rFactor 2 force feedback issues
      • corrects an issue with the Wheel Operating Range setting with the XBox One
    • The following items can now be set in game profiles:
      • wheel rotation
      • combined pedals
      • centering spring
    • Pedal axis mappings have been changed for the G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel in order to support combined pedals. You may need to remap the pedals in some games.
    • Added option to allow games to adjust wheel force settings
    • Added Lua support
    • Added general force feedback fixes
    • Updated documentation for the LED and Arx SDK
    • Added a Developer Tab in Settings with access to the Arx Console, LCD Emulator, and LED Emulator
    • Stability improvements and bug fixes
    • New game profiles:
      • American Truck Simulator
      • Dirt 3
      • Dirt Rally
      • Distance
      • Euro Truck Simulator 2
      • F1 2015 - Farming Simulator 2015
      • Grid 2
      • Grid Autosport
      • Need For Speed (2016)
      • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
      • Race 07
      • RaceRoom
      • rFactor
      • rFactor 2
      • Sebastian Loeb Rally EVO
      • Spintires
      • Stock Car Extreme
      • The Crew
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  2. xPippo

    BlueBolt Academy Driver Premium

    I have still problems playing rFactor 2
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