New clubsport pedals

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Robert Walker, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Robert Walker

    Robert Walker

  2. Peter Duivelaar

    Peter Duivelaar

    Looks very nice, only the prize is quite high in my opinion, but it is probably worth the money.
  3. Tom Moreno

    Tom Moreno

    I think the CSP v1s were actually a bit under-priced before for what they were but there was such a huge gap between them and the standard porsche pedals that you could understand the pricing strategy. Now that they have the CSRe pedals at €149 the bump up to €249 makes sense as it is the premium end of their range with the CSRe's representing the best value of the range in the middle. I have the CSRe's and they are a fantastic set of pedals. Still very much a high-end product.
  4. Gary Jibb

    Gary Jibb

    It's just a RC Truck shock and a rod with a pivot point?!. It would cost anyone $5 and drill a couple holes. Hope no one is jumping into spending another $250 to get another set of CSP's with an extra couple dollars worth of parts. Just my opinion.
    I am going to give the RC shock thing a go though, for how hard it is to drill 2 holes, why not.
    I do like the black as well.
    *Sorry I don't know how to quote it right from your message, but it was quoted from Tom Moreno*

    Not quite sure I'd call them "high end", I'd just say "1 step above Logitech". ;)
  5. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka

    I'm dissapointed that they didn't improve pivot points. They can make you a hard time with squeeking or not very good movement and are not easy to grease. They should be made almost maintenance free.
  6. Takumi69


    I do like the black color also, but i´m not to sure about the improvements. I don´t need an additional cheapish oil filled RCcar style shock, that will leak for sure at one point in the future and will create a mess when it goes leaky. The degressive clutch looks interesting, but not worth selling my current CSP´s to upgrade in my opinion.

    And i also don´t agree/like this (qouted from
    "We thought about an upgrade kit as well but there are too many parts to replace so it would be quite expensive and it would be very complicated to install. The CSP achieve good prices at eBay so we doubt that it would be worth to offer such a kit as V1 owners would not save much money but have the hassle of installation and end up with a product with the old look and used parts. Therefore we decided not to offer such an upgrade kit and I hope you agree."

    For sure this is a way to improve sales, but a kick in the ass, for CSP users that just recently purchased a set of V1´s, but want the upgrades. The additional parts cost Fanatec only a few euros, otherwise the V2 would cost a lot more than 250€. If they would sell the parts as upgrade kit say for 60 Euros they still will make a good profit on the parts, but they want to make the whole profit for the pedals again. And the hassle of installation is not valid, it´s almost the same hassle if you want to change settings on the CSP´s.

    The thing that they really should improve, is the way they mount their magnetic sensors. It makes no sense to me to use a sensor that will not wear (like pots) and than mount them in a way that the cables are in constant motion. This way you have a sensor that will probably never die, but the wiring will fail for sure, as movement in cables is never a good thing.