New Batch of Updates Released as rFactor 2 DX11 Build Hotfixes Continue

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    rF2 DX11 Renault 3.5 Series - Adrian Subiela.jpg
    Studio 397 continue to push out regular game and content updates for rFactor 2 as the studio look to establish a strong base build following the recent big DX11 update.

    Despite a great deal of anticipation with regards to the benefits of an upgrade to DX11 for rFactor 2 the community have been divided somewhat over the new build, with some players experiencing considerable improvements but many finding a wide ranging number of issues with the latest version of the software. In direct response to a number of these reported issues from the simulations player userbase, Studio 397 have been quick off the mark to release a series of updates to both the core software itself alongside content improvements directed at bringing official game content up to a suitable standard in order to make the most of the new DX11 graphics engine.

    Because of the speed and volume of the updates post release, we thought it would be easier to post a summary article at certain periods to briefly cover what S397 have been doing behind the scenes with the software.

    Initially the update launched with a limited selection of DX11 ready content (graphical improvements), however Studio 397 did promise the community a regular stream of steady updates over the next few weeks as they work towards bringing all the official first party car and track releases up to the same graphical level. True to their word, Studio 397 have already brought several newly updated items to the table since April 30th, brining the car and track list up to eleven cars and ten tracks at DX11 quality as of 10th May 2017. Players are advised to subscribe to the Studio 397 Workshop HERE to keep abreast of the content updates as and when they are pushed live.

    Content Updates Summary (all content now updated to DX11 standards)

    • AtlantaMP 2014
    • Indianapolis 2013
    • Malaysia 2007
    • MillsMetro 2011
    • Mores 2013
    • Nola Motorsports Park 2016
    • Palm Beach 2012
    • Portugal 2009
    • Silverstone 2012
    • TobanRP 2016
    • AC Cobra 427SC 1967
    • Chevrolet Camaro GT3 2012
    • Corvette C6R GT2 2009
    • Honda Civic BTCC 2013*
    • Howston G4 1968
    • Howston G6 1968
    • Indycar Dallara DW12 2014
    • Kart Cup
    • Nissan GT500 2013
    • StockCar 2015
    • USF2000 2016
    * the Honda Civic BTCC has also received some minor amendments alongside the DX11 update. Changelog can be read below:
    • Minor Inertia Tweak
    • Add latest AI variables.
    • Reduced cooling (overheating) effect when in the slipstream of another car.
    • “ModelWheelsIncludeAllTireMass” Fix.
    • Updated all other variables. (Slightly more accurate bumpstop travel, SpringAux, Engine Starting temps, etc)
    • Minor tyre tweaks (mostly added newer wet weather params).
    DX11 Build Updates (summary)

    4/5/2017 : Build ID : 1798231
    New GFX, PHYSICS, cpu thread scheduling
    "Contact Support" button added in the Launcher (quick way to report issues)
    Performance profiling & performance recording tool (CTRL+F)

    4/5/2017 (2) : Build ID :1799547
    Fixed issue with config and AMD cards

    4/5/2017 (3) : Build ID :1799885
    Improved performance when rendering 3d geometry (AMD FPS improvement)

    4/5/2017 (4) : Build ID :1800163
    Small changes in performance data collection

    5/5/2017 : Build ID : 1802039
    Added "Aggressive Threading" On/Off option (this could improve performance for older AMD/INTEL processors )
    Default Value is off.
    Keep it to OFF to test performance improvements

    5/5/2017 (2): Build ID : 1802266
    Internal file acces improvements

    5/5/2017 (3): Build ID : 1803126
    Improved transfer data to the GPU

    7/5/2017 : Build ID : 1807720
    Performance improvements

    8/5/2017 : Build ID : 1807962
    Content updates for the following tracks: Toban, Mores, Silverstone, Portugal, Indianapolis, Palm Beach, Mills Metro Park, Malaysia and the following cars: Karts, Corvette C6.R, Camaro GT3, AC 427SC and the Honda Civic.

    10/5/2017 : Build ID : 1813052
    Full screen mode
    Gpu and Video VSYNC working in DX11

    For players not wishing to receive these small build updates as and when they are released should remain on the v1108-dx11-open-beta-last-stable, (Build ID : 1792646)

    Note: DX11 rFactor 2 photos credit: Adrian Subiela

    rFactor 2 is a racing simulation exclusive to PC. You can purchase the game directly from Steam with immediate effect.

    rF2 DX11 IndyCar - Adrian Subiela.jpg rF2 DX11 Renault 3.5 Series - Adrian Subiela 2.jpg

    Check out the rFactor 2 sub forum here at RaceDepartment for all the latest news and discussion with regards to the simulation. You can take part in lively debates with fellow rFactor 2 fans and take part in some great Club and League racing events..! Head over to the forum now and share the love this simulation so very much deserves...

    How is rFactor 2 post VR / DX11 update running for you now? Has the game improved since the initial update beta build release? Do you think the game has been improved with the new build? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. freytzouil


    So far, I 'm having an awsome experience in VR with rfactor2. I'm a big ASR Formula enthusiast and finally sitting in Mansell's williams is just pure enjoyment!
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  3. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing

    397 is really stepping up the standard for post release improvements on a title. The only bad part about DX11 (which isn't S397 fault akin any way) is modded content not following the pace and quality of their updates, even though they announced support and reached out the community to help them bring the content up to standard months ago.

    Having to go back to DX9 for specific mods is really sad, the game looks bad not mentioning it is very unstable.
  4. William Wester

    William Wester

    Loving the DX11 updates, especially night racing - give Toban or MillsMetro a try, fantastic!
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  5. Marc Collins

    Marc Collins

    Since at least half the mods out there have no continuing support, this will be a painful reduction in proper format content.
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  6. John-Eric Saxén

    John-Eric Saxén

    You don't have to go back to DX9 for almost any mods, that's a misunderstanding. Besides, all the cars that get updated are both DX9/DX11 compatible, there are very few differences.

    There are some mods (perhaps 1%) that use custom shaders that physically won't work in DX11, all others will. The only thing you have to do for mods that are not updated AND use lousy material settings is to turn post FX off to avoid the nuclear glare look.
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  7. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend
    test Premium

    Absolutely loving rF2 in DX11 and the updates to official content are great.
    This Sim now looks as good as it feels. Which for rF2 is an amazing feat.
    I've not tested all content yet but the F1 1988 mod works almost flawlessly and I'm hoping to gradually go through the rest of the it to see which mods work ok now.
    If turning PP off for some of the older mods is all it takes then so be it. It's a small price to pay for the Base Sim to be so well updated.
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  8. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing

    The glare doesn't bother me at all. I had an issue with Enduracers (which I can't ignore since I only use it for a league) where rendering more than 3 cars caused the fps to be stationary around the 20s, no matter what graphics settings were used (keeping 1080p). I said some just because I haven't tested plenty of content to put the blame on the particular mod. Although everything else I threw at it showed similar or better performance than dx9. I even made a secondary install to run DX11 for other content.

    I'm not even going to get into the graphics standpoint as words can't describe how much better it is in DX11.

    The bad looks and performance was referring to DX9 only. DX11 is where it is at!
  9. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend
    test Premium

    Just did some tests. PP off same settings as raining DX11 Silverstone and Civics - 60 fps vsync dipping to about 54 at the start and on some corners where bunched up and lots of spray.

    Non DX11 optimised tracks + non DX11 optimised cars = slideshow bob at 30 fps dipping as low as 10fps
    However, DX11 optimised cars at non DX11 tracks = locked at 60fps and smooth as silky butter.
    I've yet to try non optimised cars at optimised tracks as have to go work now but it's all looking incredibly good so far.
  10. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim

    Its running just as good as DX9 or better. There are some mods that bite with dx11. And peeps dont race rf2 because its default comtent but due to the mods and before mods are converted to dx11...
    I wished sound would be part of dx:(
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  11. Gadaga


    The 10 May build just doubled ly frame rare. Nou at 110 FPS!!! Awsome
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  12. eljueta


    Ok I might give rFactor 2 a try now that apparently you can get good performance without hassle :p
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  13. Peter Stokman

    Peter Stokman

    Yes after dx11been introduced i had lower fps then in DX9 200plus FPSbut still i got 85 upto 120 in dx11 after the update 2days ago i get upto 235 fps. Afraid to turn back into dx9 if they made with last update the fps also increase there then i think i have to run after them to put them back in my monitor.
    Great job Studio 397 = #1
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  14. T_rac3


    I agree with you @Peter Stokman. For me, with an older Radeon HD card, in DX11 had a very enjoyable 75-80 fps with 15 AI cars at Silverstone (indeed I turn down a little some graphics). And this after last week it was 35-40 fps. Great work STUDIO 397, thank you guys !!
  15. Vojko Music

    Vojko Music

    For players not wishing to receive these small build updates as and when they are released should remain on the v1108-dx11-open-beta-last-stable, (Build ID : 1792646)

    So if I want to receive updates I should pick 1108 dx11 open beta?
  16. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Yep, the "last stable" is just that. The other version is the release that's being fed with updates all the time :thumbsup:

    I may remove RF2 and re-install it again. I have so many tracks and mods (I have five versions of Silverstone for example) I feel it might be beneficial to just start again and save myself some hard drive space as well.

    The mods do certainly make a difference on framerate. The updated Studio 397 cars are ok (about 50-60 FPS) whereas some others I'm now getting about 30. Before I was getting about 90. The upgrade in visuals though is so nice I'm willing to turn some features down and keep depth of field, lighting, etc.
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  17. Conrad Miller

    Conrad Miller

    With the first Beta release I had experienced a terrible FPS drop. But the last update fixed everything for me. I'm actually getting higher FPS than with the old DX9 version. Thanks Studio-397. Keep up the good work.

    CPU: AMD FX 8350
    GPU: AMD ATI Radeon 7970
  18. Paul Blythe

    Paul Blythe

    Good news is V-sync works ...

    Monitor - Max detail, Post Effects Low and AA level 3, runs smooth as for a while ... Tried a practice session with Honda Civic at Silverstone International, first couple of laps were fine. Deliberately crashed the car into the barrier and rF2 froze, needed to hard reset the PC ... :(

    VR - (monitor fullscreen mode) if it works, it's now running OK on low settings for me, that's when it works. I get the main menu screen, then lucky if I get the race menu screen in VR.... (monitor windowed mode) rF2 window losses focus on startup causing VR display to stutter, then same issues as above :(

    Will try again in a few months.
  19. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    I personally am liking the DX11 updates...rF2 is looking fantastic and only trying out the updated DX11 content and hopefully get it all optimised so I can have Post Processing set at 'Ultra' for that extra special pCars look :D...I could almost say with every update it could be looking more and more like an updated version of Reiza's Automobilista...nudge,nudge,wink,wink;)
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  20. leseb64


    seriously it's very big work!! I sincerely think that the other sim will not compete if the online mode is working and competitive like Ir!
    Nice blow Studio397 ;)