New 1.20 Beta now available

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    Plenty of new features available, especially the GPS waypoints :)

    Full list of changes:

    • Increased traffic density in city areas
    • Added 'village area' rule to allow specifying urban area without increased traffic density
    • Fixed non-urban speed limit in UK
    • Support for spawn_trailer_count attribute of traffic_vehicle_type
    • Lower probability of spawning an AI truck without a trailer
    • Fixed license plate definitions switched between bus and trailer
    • Uses correct wheel position when placing AI trailer wheels on ground
    • Fixed rear wheels of AI vehicles not being placed on ground in steep hils
    • Fixed vehicles remaining on wrong way lane after avoiding obstacle in some cases
    • AI vehicles turn off engine during fueling

    • Free camera supports inverted mouse (respects the c_minvert input constant)
    • Changed design of road dialog
    • Fixed "grave" key not working with some keyboard layouts (e.g. Hungarian)
    • Separate snapping of nodes and control points
    • Editor shortcut mapped to bezier patch
    • Added support for rotation undo for bezier patch control points
    • Increased node joining tolerance to fix problems with joining nodes far away from center of the map
    • Grid size shortcut changed from Alt+wheel to Ctrl+wheel

    • Mercedes Actros 2014: Fixed speedometer in UK variant, Improved interior, Tweaked normal map, Smoothed some hard edges, Shadowcaster tweaks
    • Iveco Hiway: Smoother horns
    • DAF XF Euro6: Cleanup of the models
    • Scania Streamline: DRL
    • Fixed UV on bulk cement trailer
    • Fixed missing wheels on brick trailer
    • Vertex optimizations of AI trucks for DAF Euro6, Man TGX, Scania R
    • Volvo: Original sound of blinker on/off, Original sound of wipers, Equalization of gear_air sounds for interior
    • Mercedes Actros, Renault Premium: Fixed armrests missing in the exterior view
    • Fixed size of wheels

    • Particles are not generated for lifted wheels
    • Mirror resolution setting is not disabled on high quality
    • Longer mirror distances on high and ultra settings
    • Enabled support for download of additional hand-picked loading screen images from WoTr. All images can be seen using the "Image Spotlight" feature in "Photo Studio".
    • Brake lights activate on slightest pedal touch
    • Correct turbo sound used on reverse
    • It is possible to use Steam controller-based keyboard for entering search text in mod manager
    • Fixed reporting of no-lights offense when driving in rain
    • Improved compatibility with Windows XP