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netKar PRO

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Staff member
Dec 26, 2006
Besides the demo i havent. Its still on my "to want list"! If more peeps here at RD have it, i might give it a try for some openwheel action

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Staff member
Sep 4, 2007
i didnt know about this. im gunna play the demo now - open wheelers are class, its got a hillclimb. nuff sed :)

seems reasonably priced 2 although the content is limit so that probably explains it.

Péter Bártfai

Sep 18, 2008
Only didn't buy it because of the small community it has! And small content! But everything else in it is just fine! Manually starting the engine by clicking on switches like in FS, and the engine sounds are great too! Now that I read this I think I'll re-download the demo:) Have spent almost a whole week lapping at that test-track with that small car! Very nice sim!

Daniel Pettit

Jan 23, 2007
Played it as my primary sim for about a year and have been in Jaaps GPC series for the last 3-4 seasons

Its a great sim and i enjoyed it alot but the lack of people online really hurts it and its a real shame tings like the flat spots got removed

I've love to get some racing going again for it though because theres alot there i really liked. Also a guide to NKP is on the short list for next months feature by me in Pit Radio so if that would be of interest to people let me know

Marco Lattanzi

i didn't tested yet, I hope to do it soon because a lor of people told me that Netkar phisics is great.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Staff member
Sep 4, 2007
trying to find the shanghai thing. does anyone have it or know where it might be lurking?

Josh Healy

You mean that Singtel sim thing?
Not worth it...track is not the best and the car...also not the best.
Was kind of disappointing...

Daniel Pettit

Jan 23, 2007
Ah is that why there are so many FF1600 servers atm. As a long tim NKP fan i must say 1.03 is a really nice step forward.. Netkar is back :)
Dec 29, 2006
Very important to read through, especially for someone who installs and plays it for the first time. The manual is a 13 mb PDF file so it can take a bit before it is loaded:

http://www.kunos-bside.net/nkmanual/...O Manual.pdf

The installer is the full version, with just the 'demo' content playable, both offline and online.


Complete fixlist & changelog for 1.0.3:
Patch 1.0.3 - Main changes
- Improved multiplayer system.
- Added multiplayer demo with fully working AIM device.
- Improved performance (frames per second).
- Removed join lag from multiplayer system.
- Improved physics (all cars).
- Improved setup system (inside simulation now).
- Improved realism (engine damage, FullMode repair times, flatspotting, tyre locking, car/ground collision).
- Added manual for full documentation.
- Numerous smaller fixes, improvements and new features.

Detailed changelog

New and improved features:
- Added a multiplayer demo feature. This allows unlicensed users to drive the Formula1600 car on all tracks offline and on all tracks online.
- Enabled AIM screen when driving in unlicensed mode (offline and online).
- Added topbar added with current standings (only in normal mode, not visible in FullMode).
- Enabled admin control in multiplayer races (allows moving to next session and restart session).
- Reintroduced flatspotting (locking your tires will cause flatspots on your tires resulting feedback effects from the tires).
- Added option to finetune the presentation of the topbar.
- Enabled Doom mode on track (only when the car is stopped).
- Enabled loading a setup from inside the simulator.
- Enabled saving a setup from inside the simulator.
- Enabled possibility to select a skin from inside the simulator.
- Enabled fuel time for adding fuel to the car (1 second per litre) in FullMode.
- Improved front wing configuration settings for Formula2000 and FTarget.
- Implemented click and hold fast parameter change in setup screens.
- Collision dectection code for body/wall/ground/remote cars up to 5.5x times faster.
- Changed the formula to calculate Slip Angles to a more precise one. Differences are minimal but the car might feel slightly different on the limit.
- Changed the coast torque for all the cars to a more gradual curve.
- Changed shadow map size for car shadows to 256x256. Users can set it using the file cfg/nkpro.ini.
- Added anti-alias option in video options.
- Audio crossfade range was increased to 1500 rpm to reduce audio cracks.
- New algorithm to distribute skid sounds left and right based on load.
- Added new force feedback configuration in setup (in misc).
- Added new force feedback mode 'hardmode' (in nkpro.ini).
- Added option to load the sim with all systems running already (in options).
- Changed setup system. Now possible to define seperate settings for rear suspension (left and right).
- Setup system now shows indication of highest possible topspeed and topspeed per gear.
- The car is not going into "super damped" mode when stopped anymore. New stationary friction code is used at 0 speed. Car is more responsive to setup changes (moving up and down while changing springs) and engine roll torque.
- Darkened helmet visor for more realism.
- Added virtual mirror option in setup.
- Added more flexibility in selecting the field-of-view (to allow multiple monitor setups).
- Removed join lag (hardly noticable now).
- Added tyre locking (also visible).
- Changed doom mode. You can't walk through walls anymore to increase realism.
- Added option to load a different setup during the waiting time of a FullMode session (not when the session has started). Waiting time has become the actual time between sessions, in reality often 24 hours.
- Damage incurred in qualifying is fixed when the server changed to waiting time for the race session.
- Added fuel lap indicator (shows how much laps you can do with a specific amount of liters)
- Added projected aero cp for balance indicator.
- Finetuned Fullmode repair times.
- Finetuned algorithm for simulation of dirty tires (from grass and gravel).
- Improved remote car sounds (in multiplayer races).
- Added standings, laptimes and laptime differences in TV view (F4) in replays.
- Added driver name indicator in TV view (F4) in replays.
- Enabled realtime pings of the connected drivers in a multiplayer session.
- Improved general performance. There are more frames per second now.
- Improved stability of framerate. Framedrops have been dramatically reduced.
- Removed bodyground collision problem.
- Enabled car bottom / track collision. Cars can now touch the ground with the car bottom (not only with the wheels).
- Implemented new shadow system (much more stable shadows).
- Pitboard shows 'last lap' with one lap to go in a race.
- Added new F8 view (shows actual throttle, brake and clutch values).
- Enabled user configuration of chat messages presentation (color, font, position).
- Chat messages no longer get lost when they are too long (you can't type more when it's full).
- Improved force feedback system.
- Added new 'hardmode' as force feedback option.
- Improved and finetuned cars physics in general.
- Enabled the option to define different sky for new tracks.
- Added brake fade feature (using brakes too much will cause wear and fading brakes).
- Added brake multiplier to setup.
- Added option to define anti-alias level in netkar video options.
- Finetuned car damage model.
- Added graphical suspension damage.
- Finetuned the online car collision model.
- Finetuned multiplayer prediction code.
- Solved MSN interference with netKar PRO.
- Improved CrossFade sound system.
- Added pit position indicator in pitlane to easily find pitlane location.
- Added new Rookie Mode (provides help messages during first 100 km of experience).
- Improved fuel consumption. More realistic consumption now.
- Improved tire model. Less drop-off in first 10 km.
- Improved Doom mode. You can no longer walk through walls.
- Added server password check in multiplayer lobby.
- Added 'drive to grid' feature in race countdown (warmup lap). In last 30 seconds of the race countdown, drivers who are on-track, but not yet on their grid position are put in their assigned grid positions.
- Added netKar PRO manual covering all aspects of the simulation.
- Improved replay efficiency. Filesize of replays are up to 5 times smaller, making replay distribution much more convenient.
- Added replay lap indicator on bottom of screen in replays.
- Added dust and smoke for multiplayer cars.
- Added engine damage (from overrevving under downshifting). Engine damage can be fixed.
- Added option to start new Host server in multiplayer lobby.
- Added mirror resolution option (in nkpro.ini).
- Added mirror field of view option (in nkpro.ini).

Fixed features:
- Fixed audio area problem (right left reversed).
- Fixed multiplayer car sound in replay.
- Fixed FTarget tires.
- Fixed join lag.
- Fixed G25 shifter problem.
- Removed Scazzato sound system.
- Fixed lost chat messages when they are too long.
- Fixed split times in logs for any lap slower than fastest lap of a driver.
- Fixed the wrong order of drivers and laptimes in practice sessions (now orderded by laptime).
- Fixed gear value in AIM telemetry fixed (showed one gear too high).
- Removed possibility to drive without shaders.
- Removed possibility to configure a server with multiport enabled in GUI.
- Fixed shadow bug in prato pitlane.
- Fixed possibility to drive with negative ballast in online server.
- Fixed randomly crashing of nkserver.exe when a driver leaves the server.
- Fixed problem that car stays on middle of track when a driver leaves the server.
- Fixed forced tires on server feature.
- Fixed Host Race Graphical User Interface.
- Fixed multiplayer lobby pings.
- Fixed MAX LAPS feature in online sessions. Message is broadcasted when driver completes more than allowed laps.
- Fixed gearbox torque bug which required throttle blipping during downshifting.
- Fixed missing sound for other cars in replays.
- Fixed malfunctioning audio sliders in audio options.
- Fixed malfunctioning head movement sliders in options.
- Fixed AIM display bug.
- Fixed multiplayer lobby server list (old servers were not removed).
- Fixed #servers contacted/received in multiplayer lobby.
- Fixed TRackIR yaw bug.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Staff member
Sep 4, 2007
NKP possibly making a move to hit a wider target audience it seems.

can you install straight over the old one?

Mike Simian

Oct 12, 2008
Well I'd totally forgotten about netKar, think I try'd it on one of the first ever releases.

What a nice surprise, I had alot of fun racing so far. Will definately be buying a license.

Am still in the setup phase trying to get the wheel and such as I like it, but so far the game seems to have alot of potential.

I was considering iRacing recently, but I think this will delay my iRacing debut for a while.

cu on track :)
Dec 29, 2006
NKP possibly making a move to hit a wider target audience it seems.

can you install straight over the old one?
Nope, need a clean install afaik. Also the setups for 1.0.2 don't work with 1.0.3. If I understand right you just need to back up your 'driver' and 'license' folders and put it back in 1.0.3.

Daniel Pettit

Jan 23, 2007
Correct, clean install then copy in your driver and license file from your old install.

I was amazed how much better the Formula Fords are now. If you've not tried NKP now is the time

James Yates

Feb 19, 2008
Still not exactly convinced by it - considering it won't let me set AA ingame and the wheel shakes constantly when still. The older version did neither of those.