netKar PRO v1.1 - Update 2

I've just uploaded the first autoupdate for netKar PRO v1.1, named Update "2". Just start netKar PRO v1.1 and you should be asked to update automatically.
These are the fixes included:

netKar PRO v1.1 - Update 2

- Fixed crash on AMD CPUs not supporting SSE2 set
- Overall performance improvement due to better handling of collision detection
- Fixed wrong tyre force vector direction generated at combined levels of slips
- Fixed suspensions hard bumps interfering with suspension rebound phase
- Added support for loading cameras from 3d parties tracks (via KTO file)
- Added support to export/import cameras in KOFLite editor (save camera file as camera.nkc2 in the track folder)

If you experience any problem with the autoupdate system please report here.
great, it works perfectly
after nK starts accept the request to update and then click on "begin update"
the update is very fast and I haven't got any issue
Extra explanation of the two main bugs by the developer for anyone interested :)

the first bug is easy to see watching a replay of a spin out in the old version... at least, that's how I first spotted it... at the certain point the car seems to be "sucked" laterally. At first I thoutght it was due to the low-speed formulas kickin in but then digging more I have discovered there actually was a problem in the way lateral and longitudinal forces combined. While lateral was ok, the longitudinal didn't lowered as it should have and this was because the wrong trigonometric function was used.. "sin" instead of "tan" if I remember correctly (I am not in the office so I don't have the code with me).
In practical terms the higher the slip the bigger the error, so it wasn't so evident during normal driving but it was there and you should be able to feel the car a bit more tricky to drive now.

The second bug was an hardbump engaging too early often making the suspension rigid too early in rebound... the car seems to be less prone to raise the inner rear tyre in the air when riding curbs.. but this could be a placebo effect as I dont have precise data showing this.. it's really hard to drive on a curb 2 times at speed exactly the same way to compare telemetries... but it really seems to me that the car is much easier to ride on the curbs now.
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