Nemesis Racing 2013 WT Driver Presentation

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  1. James Peutherer

    James Peutherer

    Hello everyone, James here and today I'll be presenting Nemesis Racing's exciting driver lineup for 2013 starting at the Bahrain GP. Our original plans to compete in world series have been cut out due to family issues with Ryan Walker but we will still be competing in WT and hopefully competing for a very good position. We have brought on three drivers this year, two main drivers and a test driver. But that's enough intro lets get on with the drivers.

    Line up:

    Driver 1: Attila Molnar

    Attila Molnar is a very fast and talented driver who competes mainly in hungarian rFactor leagues, but has joined the team for 2013. Looking for a spot in FSR, we snapped Atilla up in a package and we are excited about his pace as he is currently the second fastest driver in Bahrain on the official practice server. We are looking forward to challenging with Atilla and hopefully challenging for the top prize.

    Driver 2: Barnabas Bodnar

    Barnabas Bodnar is the second of the Hungarian duo and competes alongside Molnar in other race series in Hungary. Barnabas is also a very quick and talented driver showing very good pace at Bahrain and exciting the FSR crowd. Barnabas will be aiding the team in the hunt for the constructors championship and competing with Atilla for the drivers. We are really pleased to have these two brilliant drivers and are looking forward to competing with them well.

    Test/Reserve Pilot: Ben Jacobs

    Ben Jacobs joins the team after almost a year out of FSR, last competing with his own Synergy F1 team last season. Showing determination and good setup knowledge. Ben was a brilliant choice to be our test pilot and we are looking forward to the work we can do with him.

    That's all for our lineup folks, and we hope to see you in Bahrain, a car presentation will be coming at the soonest possible date but it might be after Bahrain. Thank you for taking the team to read our lineup and we will see you soon!

    James Peutherer

    Nemesis Racing Team Principal and Owner
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