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Need to disable a button! Xpadder?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Globespy, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Globespy


    Hello. I currently use a fanatec universal hub.
    I use it in straight USB mode as I have an OSW wheel. I use Fanaleds.
    One of the buttons on the top of the Hub has malfunctioned and switches itself on and off whenever it feels like it, which of course interferes when I'm trying to assign controls in any of the SIM games I play. My first thought was to disconnect whatever wire powers that button, but it's on a circuit board with about 7 other buttons so that's not really an option.
    I want to (ideally) permanently, or at least temporarily while I'm playing disable this particular button.
    I can see the specific button in question in the Windows USB Controller app (it's button #31).
    I thought there may be access to an .ini file or other windows controller setup file however I cannot find anything where I can change so far to disable this button.
    I thought about using xpadder however the developer does not seem to be responding to any messages.
    Wondering if anyone who has used xpadder can comment on whether it has the ability to toggle on/off certain buttons. Also will this software work with fanatec universal hub? It seems like it should be pretty universal with any USB device? Again my Unihub is not connected to a CSW base unit - it's simply seen by Windows as a USB controller device.
    I play a lot of iracing, so not sure if Xpadder would be potentially detected as some kind of cheating software by iracing anti-cheat software? I would hope not, but maybe someone has experience here?
    Appreciate any response and replies.