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    I've been involved in sim racing on and off again over the past 7-8 years or so. Recently, I got the Thrustmaster T300RS wheel and I also got a nice racing seat and wheel mount for it... now I can drive much more comfortable than sitting on the couch with a darn tv tray for my wheel mount! It sits on the floor in front of a 98.5 inch 1080p projection screen.

    I'm trying to get more serious and with that said, I'm interested in bettering my lap times. So, I take FOV very serious as well as input lag.

    My current setup:
    CPU: 8350 AMD (Overclocked to 4.54ghz)
    GPU: MSI GTX 1070
    8gb RAM
    Denon x4000 receiver
    Epson 5030UB Projector (1080p 60hz)

    HDMI out of GTX 1070 to Denon X4000 receiver. The Denon then goes to the Epson 5030ub projector which projects to the 98.5 inch screen. I run the projector in (fast/game mode) which apparently is 30 some ms input lag.

    I sit about 60 inches back from it (Just recently scooted my seat closer so I could increase my fov) Seems really close for such a large screen, but I wanted the best FOV I could get.

    My question is if this is good enough? I know projection monitors have some input lag. The projector is only 60hz and I think the input lag is somewhere around 37ms. Definitely playable and I don't feel the lag, but I have never compared that to 1ms. So maybe I would be able to tell the difference and maybe not.

    Can I be competitive with this setup? I want to get back into iRacing.

    Or do I need to look into getting an actual computer monitor with lower input lag? I won't do a triple monitor setup (can't afford it and don't have space), but I thought about a larger curved gaming monitor. Though I'm not sure even that would give me a higher FOV. I looked at FOV for 21:9 monitors and it didn't seem to make that much difference with my large 16:9 projection.

    The other option is VR. I also have a PS4, so I thought about the PSVR and I see you can hook that up to PC using Trinus PSVR. That has low latency and obviously the FOV would be good. I'm just concerned the graphics wouldn't be that great. I did the vridge riftcat thing to play Project Cars on my GearVR and while the immersion was cool and FOV was great, the graphics were not. Anything in the distance seemed fuzzy... just not crisp like when looking at my projection screen.

    Ultimately I want to know if my current setup is good enough. Or do I absolutely have to do something to get my input lag down and FOV up?

    Curious on your thoughts. Would love to hear back from you!

    Part of me hopes everyone will say your current setup is fine, the input lag is acceptable and you can be competitive. I also wouldn't mind hearing that the Playstation VR or Oculus Rift would be a much better graphical experience than what I did with the GearVR and Riftcat/VRidge.


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