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Need serious help with save files

Jun 27, 2014
Hi. I was at Abu Dabhi circuit when I realized I made some serious mistakes with car setup. So I restored the save files (the 223670 folder) to start back from practice session and since then whenever I start the career I get this message "mid session save could not be loaded as It was created with another game". Also, I cannot save the game progress. I make a mid session save but It doesn't load. Yesterday I completed the race with pole position and after restart I'm back to practice session - the game just wont save. There is no error message while saving the game.

I'm almost at the end of season and would like to desperately get the game working again. Please help.

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
Oct 8, 2010
You shouldn't really be restoring backups of your whole gaming profile willy-nilly (the 223670 folder). I should really be used as a last resort because of profile corruption errors.

There is always a risk that the restored profile will not work correctly, it's very hit and miss.

The usual procedure when restoring a back up profile is :-

1/ Always disable the Steam cloud for this game

2/ Start the game and delete your gaming profile (the driver name)

3/ Create a new profile with exactly the same name as the one you just deleted.

4/ Close the game, and copy the backup files back into the 223670/remote folder

5/ Start the game select your profile ............ and hope for the best.

Remember that you don't have to use autosave, you can disable autosave in the options and use manual save. At the end of a session you can go to the next session, then go back to the main menu and save the game. Make sure that 'Saving Game' (or similar) is displayed on the screen when you do a save, and always manually save before closing the game.

This is NOT the same as a mid-session save.

I have never used the mid-session save, and never will. This series of games has never had the most reliable saving features. It took ages for the autosave/manual save function to be mostly reliable via various patches. So on that basis, I don't trust their new mid-session save which only became available in F1 2013, I'll stick to the normal save at the end of a session.

There is a sticky here for other info that may be useful :-