Need help with showroom(Spinner) sounds!

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    Hallo Com,

    first of all,sry for my bad english.I will try to explain as good as i can what help i need.

    I am working on a rf mod since ~3 years.Most things are finished.In my mod every team/driver has his own showroom.
    With own movies/Pitcrew/Gridgirls asf.
    In Carlos Spotter is a function which make it possible to play a Drivername.mp3 on an event ingame. The needed files are in a extra folder called DRIVER.
    For anybody how dosen`t know.The Spotter (programmed) looks in the Driver.veh file for the name of the Driver, example
    Team RaceDepartement
    Racedepartement.veh inside file = Driver="Race Departement"

    The spotter looks for a mp3 File in the DRIVER Folder of the Spotter which must have the exact name as the used DRIVERname,that means

    DRIVER/Race Departement.mp3
    If the Spotter find the file,it plays the file on an Event in game. Like Driver "Race Departement" is 2 sec. infront of you...
    Spotter use FMOD from for advanced audio libary

    So what i wanna to do is like the example in spotter, write in c++ or other easy language a litte .dll or tool which make something like this.

    Things that have to be created first:
    A new Extrafolder called DRIVERMUSIK, must be in Gamedata/Sounds/Pit or Ambient wherever possible.

    The Mod Musikfolder Gamdata/Musik contains only one mp3 File,no musik,just a self made ambient.mp3 which is played(looped like in rfactor standard) in Background of Showroom.
    U here not musik,just fans/crowdsound and some enginesound of cars drive true,mixed together in this ambient.mp3 file.
    This is impotrant for don`t hear two musikfiles at the same time in Spinner.

    The little tool search in Driver.veh for the name of the Driver,than check up the DRIVERMUSIK folder for a compatible Driver.mp3, in my example "Race Departement.mp3" play the mp3 looped only in the showroom/Spinner of the Mod.

    If you switched to an other team or driver, RaceDepartement.mp3 stops playing, and other driver.mp3 starts play.That means

    An other Team called
    R Factor
    rfactor.veh = Driver="R Factor"
    DRIVERMUSIK(Folder) R Factor.mp3
    play sound

    Every driver get an own mp3 File in the DRIVERMUSIK Folder which have to be played by chose the team/driver.

    The most important thing is that the plugin/tool/script looks for the drivername in .veh

    If you chosed a Team/Driver in Showroom and go to Track, the actually used Driver.mp3 stops to play.Like the ambient.mp3 two.

    The Mod is an (must be) stand alone mod.Thats important to don`t get chrashed with other mods which use spotter.

    but i dont know how to write this commands,and which is the easiest way,with Fmod or only Visual Basic.I hope u understand what i mean.

    Pls, i need some help in coding this right.