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GTR2 need help with my gtr2 fanatec clubsport v2.5 wheel set up

hello guys,
my GTR2 recognised my fanatec csw v2.5 but i cant assign my pedals ,wheel and gears to the driving controls.
can anyone help me with a solution?
my pc is an i7 windows 10 16gb gtx1070
thank you.


In fact, I have 3 devices connected .... and they're all working perfectly:
G27 wheel - Fanatec CSP V2 pedals - Thrustmaster TH8 shifter .... ( while I kept the G27 shifter connected to the wheel using it for the buttons it offers ;) ).

And finally, Paul ... he's got only 3 devices and not more :D wheel - pedal - gearbox ... or maybe only 2 if his pedals are connected to his wheel.

Sure you launched GTR2 with admin rights, Iorhen ? ....

EDIT: in fact at the start I had only a G27 complete ..... afterwards the Fanatec Pedals were added replacing the G27 pedals .... and some years later ( recently finally ) I added the TH8.
Installs had to be redone in the meantime as I changed ... the OS ... and recently the HDDs ... but always kept the same saved settings.

If we wish to follow the same path, maybe he should try installing and assigning the different devices separately one by one:
- install and do the necessary settings for the wheel .... ( without plugging the pedals and shifter )
Close GTR2
- plug the pedals and restart GTR2 .... assigning them .... close GTR2
- plug the shifter and restart GTR2 ...... assigning the gears
If it worked for me that way, why not for him ? ....

Rather strange but if I look at the devices in GTR2, it says: device 1 is Fanatec - device 2 is TH8 and device 3..... none !!!
But looking at the assignations: Fanatec is .... 1... G27 is 2 and TH8 is ... 3 !????
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thank you Jempy
i noticed the game recognized my wheel twice as csw 1 and csw 2. when i choose the csw 2 it gave me access and i was able to assign my wheel and pedals. it is working fine now.
do you happen to know any good mod to improve the graphics?