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Need help with mod installation

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jan Mikuž, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Jan Mikuž

    Jan Mikuž

    Please help me install mods properly. I've managed to install a couple of tracks and cars successfully, but other mods i can't get to work (Blancpain mod for example). There are many files in the folder i've extracted the mod to and don't know which to copy and where to put them exactly. The folder is called Blancapin_GSC2013. It contains the following :

    -GameData (folder)
    -ReelFeelPlugin (configuration setting)

    Is it ok to just copy the contents of GameData folder to the main GSC2013 GameData folder or do i need to copy ReelFeelPlugin as well and/or do anything else?

    There's another mod which i'd like to know how to install properly.
    The folder i've extracted the mod to holds the name GTWorld Base mod + Ferrari 599.
    Inside its GameData/Sounds/ folder there's a folder named RW, which contains one sound folder McLarenF1LM. Aren't there sound files missing for the other cars ?
    Its GameData/Vehicles/ folder contains the GTWORLD folder which contains another two folders ADDON and FIAGT. These contain the actual car files together with a couple of configuration settings files( FIAGT_Damage, FIAGT_engine, headphysics, etc.) which appear the same in both of these two folders.

    Please tell me which files i need to copy and where and if there are any additional alterations that need to be made to the GSC2013 parent directory.

    Thank you very much