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  1. Alan Milne

    Alan Milne

    Hi all. I have been playing driving games for many years, but pretty recent to the pc ones and even more recently using a wheel and pedals.
    My questions and favours are as follows:
    I am in Scotland, so UK folks maybe better to answer, but all welcome.
    I would like to meet up with people for some training/lessons and tips. I can host a ded server if needed. I am new, but i do know the courses and corners, but i'm getting a bit frustrated being overtaken all over the place (not just by skill, but plain car power). I use set ups that users have uploaded for the community, but can't seem to get any faster. I find my lap times are the same as the fastest quali times during the race, but quali itself is a few secs off the pace ! And why does the track and screen sometimes lean to the left or right ? I mean extremely, not just a head tilt.
    The steering and brakes are pretty naff so far, but could be my settings hopefully, otherwise as a sim, this isn't adding up to be as good as i expected. I have steering full up etc etc. This is why i would love to meet up with some of you. Probably not major pros that just show off at this stage, lol, but good novice to semi-pro racers. Pro are welcome so long as advice given is polite and not with the "i'm better than you" attitude that i have come across from time to time.
    Hope i hear from some of you soon, and let me know your steam id if u have one.
    Thanks all.
  2. Jarrod Crossley

    Jarrod Crossley

    You know your more than welcome to ask questions here!

    Also when you say your off pace off pace compared to whom? brake wise you want your bias so that neither the front are locking up or the rear, you can easily check this your self via replays.

    As for the tilting have you altered the gforce setting?

    An other good point would be to sign up to some of the racing events held here at RD. All RD members are very helpfull ande will during the practise give you as many pointers as you want.
  3. Willie Watt

    Willie Watt

    Waspie: Welcome. I think that you'll find that even the "super-pro's" in this community, of which I'm most definetly not one are always willing to help with advice on set up's, driving lines, tips for specific cars and for you to join more fully in the community. Even us (and this most definetly includes me) mid pack drivers still get help from them.

    Everyone is here to ha fun, first and foremost. Even the racing leagues are just a sstructure around the fun.

    Jarrod has already given you soem pointers on your game configuartion so that may help. I found, and was a bit reticent at first since I found the conversion from the more "arcadey" GRID where i was a pretty good driver running near the front in most Touring car races that i drove in to the more "sim" of Race etc tricky, and accepted that it would take time for me to get back up to speed, (literally and figuartively). What I have found though is that there is good racing to be had all through the pack, just check out the vids. Find a series, Touring, GT's, open wheelers even minis that you fancy, register for a license (great value as it's free), sign up for some of the club events, get onto teamspeak and have a laugh.

    You'll get better and quicker the more that you join in. Hope to see you around. I tend to race late with the american guys as that's when I get my free time.
  4. Dave Flower

    Dave Flower

    Hi and welcome Waspie - I know exactly where you are coming from and sympathise with very many of your comments, you have come to the right place !

    First thing to point out is that many of us are off the pace, I definitely am! I joined the Racing Club some time ago and am often getting lapped by most of the field at club events - Never once have I had comments or been viewed by the more experienced members as any less than them, its just not what RD is about. So my first advice is join the racing club - enter some events, but for the time AND THIS IS IMPORTANT - aim to start at the back AND deliberatley hang back for the first few corners - Ok so you may well get left behind - but this is better than trying your best and taking half the server out in Turn 1 - which will be the quickest way to p#ss everyone off!

    The Race Series is easy to pick up and race but very, very hard to master - so don't expect to be at the front anytime soon its got to be more about enjoying the driving wether you racing for a podium position or for last place.

    Setups - my nightmare - I can't master these at all - I start to go in the right direction and then seem, over and over again to over do it and mess it all up - very often (like a fool) I'll go make changes in the last two minutes of qualifying or even in Warm up - then I'm buggered for the race! What I have found and what you have to remember with Online Setups is that not only do people have very different driving styles, but they have very, very different controllers too - so you load an online setup and its hit and miss wether its going to work for you. Why? Well imagine that you find a setup made and uploaded by someone whos new to the game, has an Xbox Controller, Is only racing 5 lap races, and has a very very different driving style to you... its not going to be ideal for you with your wheel, and even less ideal if the setup kills tyres by lap 6 and your wanting to use it for a 30 lap race.... I still need to learn an awful lot about setups, but one thing thats helping is that I now look for setups from names I recognise from RD or from people who I know are fast online - I try the setup and if it works for me two things happen :-
    1) I try to look at the setup and work out what makes it work for me.
    2) I look for more setups by that person for other tracks and try them out too in future.
    At the moment I have found that setups from some RD'ers (even the fast ones) don't always work for me, some seem to work really well - I have a particular favourite and am looking at setups by Gunthar Rowe at the moment - I'm not mega fast or even 'that' competitive using his setups, but I am faster that using my own or SIMBIN setups and more importantly I find his setups stable - like I said though his setups might not work for you at all (but they might).

    The track leaning to the left and right - in addition to what Jarrod said - are you sure you dont have buttons mapped on your wheel that your catching accidentally for look left/right? Perhaps you could post a screenshot so people can see what you mean and hopefully help you sort it out?

    Steering and brakes - what wheel do you have? If its force feedback do you have the centering spring turned up? I ran mine at 75% for months thinking the 'allow game to adjust settings' in Logitech profiler would override the 75% - it doesn't and it wasn't until I realised and turned this down a lot that I stopped fighting the centering spring and started steering.. Brakes as Jarrod said - front/rear bias can have you locking up front or rear wheels, especially on downchanges if you have too much bias towards the driven wheels (brakes + engine braking = locked driven wheels). Also braking pressures at 100%, will mean your locking rather than efficiantly braking = feeling brakes are naff?

    Keep trying - its not an easy 'game' to master and join the Racing Club, you'll be welcome and won't regret it.
  5. Alan Milne

    Alan Milne

    Thank you all for the kind replies so far. Firstly, my wheel is a Logitech Formula Force Ex force feedback with pedals.
    Dave, my profiler has the centering spring at 100%, but the box is unchecked, and all other settings are 100% ie overall effects, spring and damper effects.
    Do you all think i should practice non abs brakes or is this individual taste ?
    Jarrod, i set the gforce simulation to 0, but i can't see any difference in effect at the moment.
    Ok, so my steering sensitivity is 100%, brakes 75%, throttle 50% and force feedback settings are med-high. Steering dead zone is 3%, all the rest 0%, i did not see a difference with brake dead zones from 0-100% !
    Everything this way seems to drive well. Just need to tweak here and there. Maybe this set up is waayyy slower than some people !
    I allready am in a multi gaming clan, so i fear i may not be able to join the leagues, but if i change my profile in the game to my real name, i shall do if i have permission by my clan boss.
    My ded server will be called SGC Racing (semi-pro) and you can pm me or get me on steam if you want the password. Thanks again all, off to drive !
  6. Tim Meuris

    Tim Meuris


    I had a formula force ex like you
    now I have a g25
    world of difference mate!
    it made me a lot quiker
    so that might be another reason

    but lots of practice is rule nr 1:wink:
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