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Need advice on adjusting monitor heights/distance

I just finished mounting my new monitors and wanted to get some advice on height and distance. The monitors are Dell S3220dgf curved and this is where I've temporarily set it up. The viewing distance from the seat is right at 30" from the center and I have it set to eye level. I can cut down the uprights and move them about 5" closer if needed. I tried taking a picture from the seat so you can get a better idea what it looks like from my view. My computer won't be here until next week so I'm just trying to get everything close. Any advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Just have the general advice. Better for the neck to be tilted down then up if any but neutral position. Your rear channel may dry if you have a formula like low drivning position and high monitor. Monitor Height then depend on your driving position and your Height so only you have all the parameters and can make a correct decision.

Can never have enough fov but if you start to feel the monitor heat you may still want to sacrifice immersion and move it back and accept all attacks by fov police.

Also consider your monitors viewing angles particularly if its va or tn panels.