Need a bit of help to understand the wonders of skinning


Copenhagen APEX
Hi everybody.

I want to make a McLaren skin for GSC2013, and after searching the web I found out to make my skin chrome (The square with the esso logo). If I watch my car in the game in the showroom the chrome looks perfect, watch the attached image. I have with 3dsim made a 3d model of the car, and I can apply my skin (dds file) to the car, but the chrome effect does not show in Photoshop, it is just grey, see the attached image. I also have Keyshot to show of my 3d model, but it is the same and the colors is way to bright, see the attached image - I don't get it. If anybody can explain me what I am doing wrong I would be happy.

ps. My skin is only a test so I am aware that it does not look like a McLaren :)