Aug 2, 2008
I must admit it's difficult for an european to see the differrence ,but as i'm interested in oval racing,i'd like to know what's exactly the difference beetwin the ARCA series and the NASCAR series,if someone can explain me ...
Mar 15, 2008
About a billion US dollars and 36 million people .... ;)

Seriously, Arca is actually the root of Nascar in the sense Nascar developed out of Arca over 50+ years back. Arca has stayed closer to it's roots, more oriented towards tradition and grass root, than popularity and money. You'll see drivers in ages from 16 to 75+ in Arca at times, and in the middle are guys trying to cut their teeth to make it into the bigger series.

Technically, Arca was very similar to Nascar in it's specs, rules and scoring up till the transition to COT in Nascar. Still they have similar traits and tendencies and experience from one to the other is commonly transferable from a driving standpoint. Prior to COT general differences between them was carburetor and spoiler height generally.

A decent article was written a while back on Arca that you may find interesting:

Hope this was a bit helpful ...
Mar 15, 2008
Here is another reason it's so loved:

Justin Marks:
""Honestly, it's great to be back in the ARCA RE/MAX Series. ARCA, in my opinion, is the best thing going in racing right now. Now that I've experienced Trucks, Nationwide, I've noticed that people really seem to be enjoying what they're doing (in ARCA) more than anywhere else. People are racing in ARCA because they have a real passion for it; and that's attractive to me. That passion for racing seems to disappear as you step up the ladder. And you still get to race on all the high-profile venues in the ARCA series.

"Also, I think ARCA has the best thing going with the cars. You can still do really cool stuff with the bodies and there's plenty of horsepower to work with.""