NAGT 1.5 Released

Ivo Simons

Have fun guys. :)

3d fix to Porsche wheels
3d fix to Corvette mirrors
3d fix to Camaro mirror/wheels
damage fix for Camaro
texture fix to Camaro windows
improvement in Corvette & Aston suspensions
removable headlights on Camaro
competition adjustment to Camaro
texture correction to Corvette, Mustang, Skyline wheels
removal of several graphics bugs

v1.5 beta
Directory structure change, should allow multi-mod fields now
Added spotter sound back to mod
Added Camaro GTR
Synced all cameras
New Bilstein racing shocks for all cars
2-tire change now available


This is a great mod with 10 cars to choose from. Each with it's own unique set of physics but still competitive over a leagues season of racing. Were the Viper has the power it lacks in braking and cornering when the Porsche has it all over the Viper in cornering but looses out in top end speed and acceleration with the other cars running between these two.

Cars List.
Aston Martin
Pontiac GTO
Nissan GT-R
2008 Chevy Camaro the newest addition in 1.5

This mod shows a realm of realism in it's physic with penalties for over driving the cars. Treat these car with respect and you will be rewarded. Over drive them and you will pay a penalty.

Ivo Simons

Yeah thats why i like them also very much Doug. It will punish the people who slide to much.
I am more a smooth driver and get rewarded further in the race because of my driving style.


It will punish the people who slide to much.
I am more a smooth driver and get rewarded further in the race because of my driving style.
That's Exactly what any car will do if the physics are setup right. That's what makes this mod such a well used and loved mod for people who are looking for realism in tin top style racing. Plus the selection of great high performance cars available:cool: The Potiac GTO is the Holden Monaro that was exported to America under the Pontiac banner. Used in the SPEED series 2002 2003. I think that's the years. Well it's a Australian Holden Monaro so our Aussie racers can feel right at home.

I'd recommend this mod if more realism is what your looking for. It's a great example of what rFactor is capable off.

Ross McGregor

Really enjoying this mod, i've only tried the Viper so far but it just feels 'right'. Dare i say it, but it's a far more involving experience than driving the Viper(s) in GTR Evo. Excellent work.
On this mod today online and it's a bunch of fun. Started with the Caddy on Mid Ohio chicane and it's quite a handful but still fun. Such a glorious sound. But couldn't stay consistent and keep it facing the right direction. Plus another guy was pretty quick with the Skyline. So I switched to the Porsche and it was a different experience. Much easier to get on the gas sooner out of the turns and just felt more stable.
Drove the Volvo offline a bit and it is probably the easiest car to drive and really fast.
Great mod.
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