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    Hey everyone,
    Some of you may know of this game, My Racing Career. It is a browser based managerial game, where you chose your driver, your car, your track to race on.
    Start with your Formula 3 car. With multiple combinations of chassis and engines, there is no "best car", only those suited to certain tracks. With over 190 tracks of the world, plus more on the way, finding the best combinations for each track is key!
    Signing up is free, playing is free, and the season system is

    Why I am bringing this to you is that I am the Australian Embassador, working with the creators and players alike. I am here to get a few more Aussies especially, but I welcome all to try the game, the creators are working to bring in Formula 1 within the next few seasons, and we already have F3, F2 and Indycar (starting next week).
    The current season is finishing today, so signing up with a few days you'll still be able to join the Season Series'.

    Join here:

    You can PM me in-game, my username is FlyingFinn.

    And note this, if we can get enough RD-er's on here, we may be able to get a little bit of MRC in RD colours (plus clans are planned too!)

    Thanks Guys