My Winter Car

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smonk submitted a new resource:

My Winter Car - Experience a Finnish Winter!

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adds snow, snowy textures, snowy trees, etc... winter
might make a festive version if any1 asks lol
Use unity asset explorer to import the new .dds files or drop in the sharedassets(1,2).assets

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smonk updated My Winter Car with a new update entry:

My Winter Car

Updated for update 9.12.16
fixed rain sound* / emission / area
new snowy textures for the update (ai car, night tv, etc...)
fixed some old npc cars not being snowy
fixed asphalt road in Peräjärvi
parts ordered will come in wrapped boxes
attempted to fix lighting but it might be a shader problem
made some building textures more snowy

new screens
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will release 2.0 when rain...

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I dont know how to mod well but you might be able to make adjustments to the skidmark code and make it really sensitive to where it always manifests while youre moving.
Im not sure. I have unity and many other programs. I downloaded at least 8 different things to try to make a mod from the code. I couldnt even do it with the modloader example. I even know cc do i understand how the code works. But then again I'm still a noob to the modding scene. Im still trying but i think i am going to have to wait until someone has a major mod posted that i can mess with. As of now, i cant even get a hold on the russian mods. Ive seen sway bars and sideskirts made over there. They always have the best mods for the "underground" racing games, especially the open source stuff. Its going to be a month or so until we see something nice though. The sideskirts i saw were smooth and meshed into the fender flares but the swaybar was still low poly with sharp corners.The rally lights on this site were nicely made but that isnt enough code for me to grasp the whole works.
When I copy the assets into the files, the new files double in size. Like sharedassets2.assets goes from 150,000 kilobytes to 330,000 kilobytes. I launch the game and click the early access acknowledgement and the game crashes. Any help as to why it crashes. I know someone else above me had the crash but they didn't say how they fixed it and were last online in June of 2018.