My V8 Supercars Fictional Car Set


Apr 14, 2009
Ok, let's see if I can explain this so people can understand.

Currently in the upgrades ini there are 4 tyre compounds. The upgrades are more for physics, not textures.
The paintable tyrewall is the only tyre entry that shows a different naming. So you can custom paint a tyre texture. The down side is this texture will only show on your car and worse, It wont show right when the tyre is rotating because rFactor uses 4 textures for each tyre type. 00= standing (This is the one you see on the spinner) 01= Standing (On the track, in the pits) 02 & 03 are blurred to a degree. 03 more then 02 for obvious reasons.
Anyway. To change the texture on the tyre these 4 elements would need to be applied. Which would be as a upgrade but it would only work on the car that has the upgrade set for it. Meaning, To get all the cars showing that texture, all would need that upgrade set. Now this would work if all cars were being used by people in a online server. Would the AI changed still retain the upgrade? No, I doubt it. Reason is they would default back for the AI.

Let's see if I can explain why this happens.
I'll use a visual thing that you can see it happen to. The rims. You know you have a choice of rims right? Well you can choose a set of rims, Assign them and they will stay on the car for you on track. "But" If you choose to use a different car, the rims on the first car will default back to the ones set for that car as default.
To have as a upgrade tyre texture sidewalls the AI would always default back. The only way to set any upgrade as default is to have it as the first upgrade in the upgrades ini. This is how the cars have different Rims, Exhaust and fuel inlets in some cases.

So without going into it any deeper, No you can't change the tyre texture on all cars from one type to another at a wim. It can be done in say the Custom_Series as a default tyre wall, Yes but then your stuck with that texture only on all AI.

You can do all sorts of things to the car your using, But only that car and as long as you use it. As soon as it becomes a AI, all upgrades are default back to original determine be the upgrades ini.

I hope this makes sense.? It is hard to write stuff like this that doesn't just confuse people more.. :unsure::)

Hi Guys.

In answer to the locking of upgrades (specific tyres etc) in the community content sections. This is done using a specific file, which I am sure I didn't include in that season, only in the Year specific mods.

As such, this means you can run softs or hards around any track. But like Doug said... It won't change the tyre graphic when you change the tyre compound