My Summer Car Update

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My Summer Car has received a new update in time for the holiday season.

Having last been updated almost two months ago to the day, My Summer Car has received a new release yesterday that adds plenty of MSC typical changes to this curiously addictive and well thought out title. With such strange and wonderful things as the addition of Teletext (remember that?), it continues to be an impressive journey of development from Amistech Games, and one that the team expect to extend beyond Early Access during 2019 - ending two very interesting years of pre-V1 release development for My Summer Car.

My Summer Car 23/12/2018 Update Notes:
  • Changed Truck engine sounds
  • Added driving animations to bus driver and drunk driver
  • Added speedometer to drunk driver's car
  • Added rain hitting windshields and functional windscreen wipers to all driveable vehicles
  • Closing car doors and windows now properly dampens outside ambient sounds
  • Adjusted Truck and Tractor engine characteristics
  • Fixed bug with Rally giving incorrect 60sec penalty after Saturday stage
  • Fixed bug with Fleetari Windshield installation
  • Fixed wood chopping exploit
  • Added interior light to Van
  • Added many missing sound effects, work still in progress
  • Coffee cooks quicker now
  • Fixed Van interior colliders
  • Front spoilers can now detach upon impact
  • Made card game betting easier
  • Fixed issue with clocks going out of sync in some circumstances
  • Septic well owners are now available only when their wells are full
  • Drunk guy now pays money of his lift based on how quickly player gets him home
  • Fixed bug with Drunk guy where he calls about lift but then is not present at the bus stop
  • Fixed some bugs with the Police
  • Police should not give you a fine anymore for AI cars running over officers, unless you are close proximity to the victim
  • Fixed Van speedometer, car used to travel faster what the speedometer was showing :D
  • Added towing hooks to small green car
  • Small green drunk driver now also attempts to tow you home if you attach your car to rear towing hook
  • You can now buy Booze from the driver of Svoboda (only on Saturdays at the dance hall)
  • Added Teletext to TV, use remote control to operate (Use button and number keys)
  • Teletext forecasts also local weather, on page 188

My Summer Car is available exclusively to PC now.

Don't forget we have a great sub forum for My Summer Car here a RaceDepartment. A nice place to discuss the title with fellow fans and download some of the great mods that are available, head over to the My Summer Car sub forum and get yourself involved in the action!

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