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My Summer Car | Big Update As Game Nears Development Conclusion

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
My Summer Car recently received a sizeable new update, one that the developer hopes takes it just that little bit closer to the fully fleshed out version 1 release status.

The new update is a substantial one, potentially the largest released to My Summer Car so far during its 3 1/2 year history, some six months on from the last update deployed to the simulation back at the end of December 2019 (wasn't the world a different place back then..).

The developer has suggested this update could well be the final major build release for the game as development begins to wrap, however he confirmed that work is already underway on a sequel - My Winter Car!

Update Notes:

WARNING: This is big update, so prepare for some changes and make sure to re-adjust your game settings as they are reset.

  • Fixed a bug with Suski
  • Fixed incorrect dyno HP measurement
  • Added used engine parts seller to Rally Parc Ferme area that operates during rally weekend
  • Fixed issue with Drag timing giving incorrect Red-light results
  • Adjusted Satsuma high-rev performance (work in progress)
  • Wristwatch guy might now try to get his watch back
  • Fixed bug with Suski and Jokke sometimes getting in to player's car together
  • Fixed issues with car mirror images being on while not using the car
  • Splitted Rally into Junior Cup and Amateur Cup with different challenge and prices
  • Fixed bug with Rally SS2 giving incorrect 60sec time penalty
  • Satsuma Bumpers and original Grille can be now spray painted
  • Teimo's Sausage & Potatoes is now superfood that helps player with his positive weight control
  • Changed Tractor engine starting and shutting off procedure to better simulate real world application
  • Adjusted Tractor and Truck engines so that they do not high-rev anymore
  • Fixed incorrect passing with failed brakes during car inspection
  • Hubcaps now install freely to any Steel Wheel including widened versions
  • Tractor Parking brake is now applied on default
  • Attached state of Tractor Trailer is now being saved
  • Fixed some incorrect engine disassembly rules
  • Hangover is now best to be dealt with drinking alcohol
  • Hangover status is now being saved
  • Adjusted/fixed Satsuma suspension
  • Fixed few bugs in the Satsuma electric system
  • Added suspension squeak sounds to Satsuma (don't worry, it is not broken :D)
  • Using Speech gesture on board of the green car makes the driver to drive with reasonable speed
  • Added Videopoker slot machine to Pub
  • Fixed issues with Uncle not stopping speaking
  • Fixed roaming NPC's getting stuck on water level
  • Added air pressure leak to Truck
  • Increased maximum height of Tractor front loader
  • Fixed bug with Rally participation not resetting if Sunday stage was abandoned
  • Rally results now show a listing of all Player penalties
  • Made Ruscko worse
  • Fixed Wood job exploit where player could deliver infinite loads during single game load
  • Increased length of electricity cut offs during thunderstorm
  • Player can now cancel Teimo store purchases by pressing Mouse Right
  • Save is now deleted (Mortal mode) at the exact moment of death
  • Old garbage tires might now pass the inspection if they within the wear limit (unknown)
  • Car inspection now checks also for suspension damage, engine tune and emissions
  • Tractor front loader fork can be now controlled and also towing rope can be attached to it
  • Highway Police will now give a fine for driving a Ruscko as it has no plates and is not registered
  • Satsuma is now required to be re-inspected every few weeks after initial passed inspection
  • Tire now needs to be lifted off from ground to be able to remove it
  • Driving over a roaming NPC will now cause instant wanted status (manslaughter = 10d sentence)
  • Fixed bug with ProPilkki where pilkki-action got stuck if player quit the game during active pilkki-action
  • ProPilkki quit menu now opens with "Q" instead of "ESC"
  • Added textures and sound effects to the Jail cell
  • Haybale positions are now saved
  • Adjusted Truck and Tractor colliders for better environment collision detection
  • Fixed bug with being able to give breathalyser test while wearing Helmet
  • Fixed bug with Police cars leaving the checkpoint when opening the fine
  • Evading chasing Cops (refusing to take fines) will cause an instant wanted status and 3 days sentence
  • All crimes (unpaid fines - manslaughter - evasion) are now combined when calculating the length of sentence
  • Driving over a rally spectator is a crime (manslaughter), UNLESS player is racing the Stage
  • Fixed bug with Rally not correctly resetting if player abandoned Saturday Stage
  • Opened up Rally tire rules, every tire type except for Racing Slick is now allowed
  • Fiberglass Hood will now pass the inspection
  • Fixed bugs with Run the Gauntlet -game and Videopoker machine
  • Added two Farm jobs (transporting of haybales and combine harvester)
  • You do not need to pay fuel oil tax if you are transporting at least one Haybale with Tractor Flatbed
  • Fixed visual bug with engine shaking even when trying to start it with a broken starter
  • Fixed issue with invisible collision point around the Satsuma front left fender area
  • Added horn to cars
  • Added Carburator float chamber fuel evaporation (worn Fuel Pump fills up empty chamber slower)
  • Player can now wave its hand by holding "K" and roaming NPC's will react
  • Fixed bug with Kilju Bucket where adding water to finished Kilju would not dilute the alcohol level
  • Adjusted drunk, thirst and urine rate when drinking Kilju
  • Jumping up from lowest crouch position is now an exercise method
  • Cops are now stationed also at Teimo's store if player is trying to evade Jail sentence
  • Crashing with (killable) AI drivers so that they die is an instant five (5) day sentence
  • Fixed bug with Fleetari not being able to speak at Rally registration tent
  • Fixed bug with Tractor and Combine being able to drive underwater
  • Fixed bug with punctured tire staying in damaged state after tire replacement (unless save/loading between)
  • Timing Chain now needs to be removed before removing Camshaft Gear
  • Grilling is now impossible when it rains
  • Added driving dirt cloud effect to cousins green car (can be toggled on/off from the settings)
  • Added hose clamp screws to Radiator Hoses, make sure they are tightened :D
  • Coolant leak calculations are now more detailed
  • Temperature gauge is now unable to show correct temp if coolant level drops too much
  • Plug wires (Electrics) are now parented to the car body instead of engine
  • Fixed bug with Home keys being still available even after Ventti-pig has won the house
  • Added replaceable Headlight Light bulbs (please note that your headlight assembly is now reset)
  • Adjusted Tractor death tolerance in favour of player
  • Fixed issue with AI rally cars not being able to reset properly in case of flying out of the map boundaries
  • Raised Satsuma Center of Gravity
  • Added delay settings for brake and throttle
  • Adjusted Satsuma clutch and drivetrain properties
  • Fixed bus driver speeding in the Peräjärvi centre
  • Added body roll to Truck
  • If Bus driver gets too stuck he will now quit for good
  • Added setting for Clutch precision
  • Pub Fighter can now despawn
  • Added RGB values to help selecting custom color from Repair Shop painting section
  • Heavy impact might now loosen a random bolt
  • Added worn starter sound to Satsuma
  • Fixed bug with Rally steering wheel passing inspection
  • Hopefully fixed a problem causing glitchy behaviour with vehicle engine starting procedure
  • Fixed bug with Radiator coolant levels going into illegal values
  • Added Bump/Rebound adjustments to Rally dampers

Original Source: My Summer Car Steam

My Summer Car is available exclusively on PC.

Looking for a cool mod? Check in with the community at the My Summer Car sub forum here at RaceDepartment.

My Summer Car Update Header.jpg
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The game is made in Unity, so it's not like it couldn't look good.

But it is a quirky game for sure, and has plenty of oddities and unpolishedness and bugs outside of its sometimes crude graphics. And somehow these things are exactly what makes it so hilarious to play and fool around. If you approach it as a serious game "product", you'll probably stop playing after 10 minutes and be very frustrated or bored (or both). It's more like a survival version of QWOP with cars, featuring a constantly drunk Finnish dude who makes a living emptying sewage and making alcohol at home, with the quirks and bugs and intentional weird ideas making it hilarious. It's almost literally a cartoon. But also, at the same time, a clear love letter to the developer's teenage years.

And the music makes up all the graphics imperfections.
It's almost literally a cartoon. But also, at the same time, a clear love letter to the developer's teenage years.
I was playing music together with a guy, that literally lived a lifestyle like showed in the game inclusively the place for welding strange machines together and driving this strange stuff +beer and looking for another ready meal, to bring you over the day :D

...it's way more realistic, than someone might think, how crazy it can be, after all and i recognize a lot of things (no, i'm not proud of it, but i still miss the time :D ) :whistling:
Haven't given a try to this thing, but it's funny how it looks like a cartoon.

Another similar cartoonish looking game I haven't tried yet is Beam Drive, or of similar name... but I
read that this game has spectacular body physics.

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