My Summer Barn Find

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J.C submitted a new resource:

My Summer Barn Find - A barn-find satsute.

The Satsute was bought new in 1976 then used for 9 years. The owner kept good care of it until selling it in 1985. When it was bought it was used as a parts car. They abandoned it in a barn and left it to rot. You were told about this by a friend and went there the next day. Everything else is up to you.

you will need the Satsute mod by MartyTheGamer:

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Is this a second Satsuma in the game, or do you loose the Satsuma in your garage?
The story is, the car was bought new, then sold. Sold again and then ended up in the barn.
You never had a satsuma to begin with so there is no satsuma gone. The satsuma in the barn is the one the character can own