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My specs are above the minimum requirement, but my gpu runs very hot.

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Mark_91, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. Mark_91


    nvidia geforce gt755m gddr5 2gb
    intel core i7 4700mq 2.40ghz
    8gb ram
    All of my settings are absolute lowest, i'm not really a graphics nut, i'm just playing on pc because I don't want to buy a new wheel for my ps4.Frames aren't an issue though I haven't monitored it yet.When I am playing my temps start to rise and I usually stop when it gets to little over 80.Even the main screen makes my gpu very hot, actually the main screen makes it hotter than actually driving sometimes. I know laptops have very poor circulation, I have laptop stand to help.Any pointers? Will the final product be more optimized? Should I limit my fps, and if so how would I do so?

    I play assetto corsa on medium/high settings and my temps are around mid 60s-mid 70's
  2. Bartolo


    I have a laptop also. Can I replace the graphics card that it has?
    It's i7 but it says 2.24ghz and intel graphics card
    the FPS is okay but the resolution is not as sharp as all of the videos
    I view from you guys
    Thanks and cheers
  3. SternLX


    In the ingame settings, Set Render frames ahead to 1. It defaults to 2, and yes you can limit FPS with a command line switch
    Use -fpscap 60 parameter inside Steam > Project CARS > Properties > launcher options. Or a lower number if needed.
    You can find all this info on the WMD forums.
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