My simulator with Velleman card and easy tuning G25

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Valerio Vinassa, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    Hi all

    Im start years ago with the costruction of my cockpit( is beauty buy a

    farm cockpit but is much more fun to build their own ) step by step this

    year I wanted give a little push at my work so I decided to take a

    direction of full simulation :).For move the cockpit I search on net and

    after seeing many beauty cockpit built by large companies found

    Frex-GP nice solution and pertinent price but I have another philosophy

    must build something but the lowest possible price because for me

    everyone can and should be able to build their own,so running here and

    there on net found this place "" think better place for

    build a simulator,can say very technical about

    software,electronics,hydraulics ecc...,sometime bit hard understand for

    me, but as I finish the race in last position but I finish also here I

    continued so must learn What is a diode? or relais I put this diode,

    why? I like to understand and know what to do.Ok, stop with this thing

    :) and start with the descriptions.

    While growing envy seeing various and magnificent mod in this forum an

    idea jump I also want more controls on steering-wheel so use an old PS2

    game-pad. Disassemble all 7 screws out and 1 srew on electronic near

    red led , cut the zone around the two motors (served after) and take a

    plate of fiber-glass modeled in contact with game-pad, weld all with

    resin do 4 hole at the middle of back-cover game-pad put in holes the

    screws and glued to the bottom is necessary so the screw stay hold

    when you fix to the plate, for fix to G25 I use a plate 0.8x90x180mm.

    of inox steel ( I had one ) , I know Brian "Carbon Fibre" is better


    Disassemble the central plate of G25 use the plate as model refer the

    6holes on inox and do the holes,reassemble all the inox-plate is between

    sponsored cover and steer use marking-pen draw the outline of steer,

    put the back cover of game-pad on steer and mark the hole on

    inox,disassemble again take the inox do hole marked and with a rasp

    ovalised the holes, this is convenient for adjustment assembly,cut along

    the line marked before,is better do first the hole because the plate is

    more solid and you have more space for fix on workbench.The height of

    the plate to get to half the diameter of the outer ring wheel,this is

    because the plate on steer and plate on game pad screwing together

    function as a grip , will give strength to all.Make sure the screws on

    game pad are hold reassemble the game pad mounting the game pad on

    steer Now all is done connect with adapter PS2 to usb and you have 20

    buttons to set.

    Problems to be solved and impressions:

    1)pass through the center of steer is a problem the cable is little bit


    2)when the G25 is in setting must be taken the cable and weight of

    game pad feels also when you drive,I think the next step will be lighten.

    3) sure a new paint for buttons.


    Now simulation:from "" dowln software (is freeware) I bought a

    Velleman K8055 card ( around 50,00 Euro,in alternative you can use

    LPT1 port or RS232 of PC ),use the motors of old game pad and power

    supply from 3V to max 12V continuos and 100mA otherwise burning the

    card,the motors of PS2 no needed much Volt, I use 6V.

    Connection is easy see the snap "Vell1", black wire negative red positive,

    red wire from powersupply go in connection "clamp" ( is write on card )

    and another to the motor, black wire go in "GND" on card, from digital

    "output 1" (I use this output but there is 8 digital output and 2 anologic)

    connect a wire that go to motor.

    install the software, make sure they are connected,steer and card,

    launch the program "Force-Sender" after open "Force-Profiler" launch

    the game when you are on game ( in my case ALT-TAB no have 2 PC )

    push ALT-TAB to switch and on "Force-Profiler" press "Start" return

    on game and a new world is under your feets eheheheh.I use a simple

    motors of game pad but removing this motor you can put actuators or

    Hydraulic-pistons,sure with a bit more of electronic.Im a noob in this

    adventure and from somewhere must start,now i can managed

    "longitudinal acceleration" and "G" effect so when the car begins to slip

    you can feel and more slip more shake the motor same thing with the

    Longitudinal effect,is fantastic feel hard shake at middle of turn that

    bit a bit fades into straight, every software action may be set, more

    or minus , long or short.

    Problems to be solved and impressions:

    next step do a some type of movement, perfect and much easy is buy 2

    actuators Euro350/400 one piece aaaaarrrrrrgggghhh!!!!! or use

    wiper-motor price Euro 30/40 max from old car of junkyard :), another

    opportunity that give the software is exit for gauge.For connect more

    motors or with more power is needed relais for a correct connection

    between new motor and Velleman card so supply in this case is free in

    Voltage and Ampere.

    its all for now, if someone like do someting like this Im here.

    C U GUYS

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  2. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    Nice one Vale! The X-sim stuff is coming along well! Keep at it, eventually I will be looking at motion simulating too, so this is great stuff :)
  3. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran Premium

    sure Mate this is only a start test for understand what I can do.Now I know the ABC of software and card, my next step is put 2 motors for simulation longitudinal-acceleration positive and negative more G effect and I thought to use pinion and rack this dont give me the ROLL effect but give me a sesantion when the back of my car go out and THE MOMENT of braking.In to my mind all is done:) clear idea are a good start
    ....Give me a fulcrum and I will move the world....Leonardo da Vinci :tongue: someone said.

    next and soon time
  4. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    RaceDepartment Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    I did the playstation pad thing a while back. I didn't use the original buttons though. I extracted the pcb from the inside and added my own switches and buttons. Never did fins a suitable casing for it but I was trying to do it for free so I guess I could have with a little cash for some perspex
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