My simple guide to open own server

I found there no a detail step by step "how to setup own server for AC' thread like everyone expect everyone else should be good on it automatically & when i search online i found different guide that not really say the same thing and some step which mention by those guide or member here actually not needed or actually not correct.
I bet many people just like me never play MP which need to create server like this before & i really take quite sometime to finally confirm which has to be done & which actually not necessary so i decide to share it here in case someone still helpless like the before me.
It take days for me to confirm everything but after everything is clear its pretty simply.

First of all launch this acServerLauncher.exe which located in Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa


and setup everything (Car/Track/Different Session Time & all that) accordingly to your favor and after everything is done press "Save Preset" and then click "Launch".

Just that simple ?? Of course not because properly we will get this "Error Invalid Server" Message.


So what now ?? At this point some guide will tell you is first set up a static IP in Local Area Connection example something like this (Which actually no need) : --


No its in fact no need. What you need to do is just first find out your "Local IP Address" by using Cmd.exe and type in ipconfig or ipconfig /all if you like more detail result and copy down the IPv4 IP like this one :--


Then next thing is to log in your modem/router through IE or Firefox or whatever possible way by type in like this :--


Then you should reach the log in page so key in the user name & password (admin + admin or something else may be)

So now we should in the router and in my case i have this ..


The trick is go to Advanced Setup & then Choose NAT like this : --


After click that NAT we have this : Virtual Server or Port Forwarding or whatever other name for this :


Click that Virtual Server will change to this & here is where we need to open the port 8075 & 9600 (Show in the acServerLauncher.exe, remember ??)
Make sure to key in the port number (same number for Start/End Port) & the Local IP Address correctly & choose "Both" or "All" for Protocol if available. So it goes something like this (after click Save, of course) : -


And you are done. No i dont mean you going to die but i mean this is all the step we need to do to make sure no more error in create a own server & also you can join your own server for sure.
Some will say you have to configure your windows or 3rd party firewall to open the port there also but i not sure if they right because i didnt do that at all. I using the Comodo Firewall (never use Windows firewall, always turn off) and all i do is just "allow" the game through the firewall and thats it.

So if we now launch again the launcher we should see this :-


And the room show up if search it in the list like this : -


And you are good to book & join. Thats it :D:D


By the way i dont responsible if this guide didnt help. At least it work for me. And there is a much easier way to make all this done is to just change your modem from PPPoE mode to Bridging mode so no need to do that open port thing, just connect to internet and you good to go to create your own room, as long as the game.exe already allow by your firewall then everything should be fine. I had try that too myself. No joke.

Ok thats it i guess. I hope this at least help someone. Good luck :)

Important: By the way if the all this is done but still have "Invalid Server" or "Unable contact server" type of error then thats a big chance the modem has some kind of faulty. In fact this is what happen to me at the beginning, i thought i do something wrong and after many different approach which suggest by my friends it still no work but then all suddenly become so easy after we change to use another modem 3 days later.
So if everything is done but still not working then try another modem, who know.

Again, good luck :D
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You've certainly made all this a bit too complicated. I changed a line in the cfg file-- fact is, it was already set on default-- forwarded the ports, and that was it.

Setting a static IP is unnecessary and the process is too convoluted, which very well might lead to problems.

The only problem with having a LAN ip that is dynamic (can change) is that periodically it might change. But mine hardly ever does, not even on a reboot. But if it did, fixing that is a lot simpler than messing with this static IP business.

I can go years without that internal IP ever changing (but then I don't run phones, etc., on my network). I understand that if your LAN IP changes a lot, then a static IP would be the way to go. If it doesn't, setting a static IP is just too much of a headache to even consider.

Looks like people has no sense of humor. Arrogant type of sim racer actually not exist in the world so i dont see why that 2 picture offensive.
Offend who exactly ?? Interesting :whistling:
Can you run a server and race on that server from the same machine? I have managed to launch the server from my machine but I don't see it in the list when I launch the sim proper. I get the correct command line returns to say that it has set the server up and is running.
Yes thats exactly what my guide is talking about. How to open & join your very own server. By the way if you really create your server successfully then you should able to search it in the server list by type in your server name.
Mmm to be honest am not very expert on this (i not even play any MP race yet) but looks like you create the server ok. Do you search your server name ??
I dont know but your a bit different to mine.

I dont see you have that. By the way how you configure server ?? Use acServerLauncher.exe ??
Looks like people has no sense of humor. Arrogant type of sim racer actually not exist in the world so i dont see why that 2 picture offensive.
Offend who exactly ?? Interesting :whistling:
Great guide lazybug. Many will find it informative and useful. Don't let the negative comments get to you.
Great guide lazybug. Many will find it informative and useful. Don't let the negative comments get to you.
Haha thanks but then its ok. 3 of my earlier pictures contain some offensive server name which i pointed to some players who offend me before this but of course moderator dont like the kind of joke i make :D
The pictures now is a remake. Not so offensive :D
By the way i hope the guide help you. Thanks for reading.

Rupe Wilson

I will be the 1st to agree your post is very good at helping guys understand how to set up their own D/server.
The pictures were taken down (no need for me to comment more)
And instead of leaving the thread (like some do and going off and complaining) you made new ones and updated it. For this I thank you :thumbsup:
For me this matter is over, and i have no animosity towards you :)

I believe i am a fair moderator, I don't take sides.
If you or any member feels they have been offended by anybody in this forum with there comments. "Please use the report button". That is what it is there for.:)
Don't take matters into your own hands. ;)
What is required on the hardware side to setup a AC MP server?
Is the AC MP server need a higher end CPU and/or GPU? What about bandwidth?

It would be nice to have some servers in the USA, if I have to set one up myself I will.