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My Sim racer to real racer journey continues

Hi, so last year I did my first car race, entered the Peugeot 206 GTi production cup one make race series .I qualified 2nd at Snetterton, then got 2nd in race one and then won the second race.

Well things have continued, I did a track day at cadwell in Jan that was amazing, took it to the next level.
Then we had the first round of the 2019 championship on the 24th of march at brands Indy. I've never driven here before but have done millions of laps on AC, I went out in qualifying and did my fastest lap on my 3rd flying lap. Amazing but the SIM was like I'd done a full days testing the day before and just went out and banged a lap in.
I out qualified the field by over 2 seconds.

I won race one by 12 seconds and race 2 by 7 after a safety car.

Below is a link to my Facebook video of the meeting if anyone's interested
Cool mate.
So it's basically a 206gti stock with some safety upgrades and racing tires or there is more to it?
Is that a pro series or what type of series is that?