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Save Game my save (fully pimped satsuma 1.3.19) 1.0

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Feb 16, 2019
lolatron submitted a new resource:

my save (fully pimped satsuma 1.3.19) - my save that has a fully pimped satsuma

All of the vehicles are at the house. The satsuma,ferndale,ruckso,truck,van and moped are at the house. The tractor and flatbed is at the barn next to the house. All of the needs except from dirtiness is at 0. Hope you enjoy :)
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Mar 9, 2019
Hello may i ask where is the Radar Buster 3000?
I've tried looking for it around the house in trunks of all the vehicles ect i still havent found it unless
you burnt it in the thing ify you did whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but if its still around can you give me a location?