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  1. Dylan Lopez

    Dylan Lopez

    Hi guys, nice to meet most of you as I am fairly new to this website :)

    Have you guys been watching F1 and watching how Junior Drivers make their way up in the championship? What I am about to show you is the key to (virtually) putting yourself in this positon here at My Racing Career.
    You will start off at Formula 3, and can work your way up to F2, and F1, or even Indycar and NASCAR? Has this peaked your interest? If so...

    First off, click on the link here ->

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    When you enter onto the homepage of My Racing Career, you will need to register yourself and make an account. All you need to enter is a Username, your email twice, a password, and your nationality. Here is an example:
    Username: MyRacingCareer
    Email: abcdefg
    Confirm Email: abcdefg
    Password: myracingcareer

    From here, you will be required to go through an 11 step tutorial which covers the basics of the game, but there is much, much more to it.
    You can also get 3 sponsors who offer you deals to get you extra cash - fantastic if you are willing to join a league at the begining of each 77 day season!
    You can purchase a Superlicense on My Racing Career, that provides enhanced data in Grand Prix Sessions, extra training to make your driver more successful, and even the option of painting your car and helmet! You can pay for it via Paypal or Credit card, or even for free by winning the sufficient amount of coins to purchase a month long Superlicense virtually for Free!
    So how does that sound? Your own driver, your own team, racing F3 around Circuit de la Sarthe or in the Indy 500, Superlicense and even choosing whatever races of those available you want to participate in? All of this, plus much, much more, is just a click away.

    Don't refrain in asking me any questions you may have about MyRacingCareer. I have been playing for some time now, and I want to pass on the baton. Just ask below or inbox me :)
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