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  1. Adrijan69


    Through time I tried a bunch of great racing wheels and so there was this decision on why not to make some short reviews about them based on my personal experience. For now there are only three wheel reviews that I wrote (yes I have driven mostly with these wheels), but there are plenty more to come. :)

    Driving Force Pro Wheel

    Momo Racing Wheel

    Logitech G27 Racing Wheel
  2. Kjell Eilertsen

    Kjell Eilertsen

    Decent reviews but I've a question;
    Have you tested a Fanatec GT3 RS V2?
    That wheel with the club sport elite pedals will set you back approx the same amount as a G27, but with no shifter (which can be added for as little as €30 or €60 depending on model in Europe). Arguably the pedals alone would easily be worth it as they are far better than the Logitech ones (I've not read about a single person who thinks otherwise, yet at least), but it'd be interesting to hear your thoughts on the wheel compared to the G27.

    As far as the shifter goes, I've tested the G27 shifter and find it hard to believe that even the cheapest Fanatec shifter (Porsche shifter €30) is just as good. Pro with the Logitech one is all the buttons on the shifter base (but these are mostly on the GT3 wheel instead) and the mounting which is better on Logitech. Pro on the Fanatec shifters is that you get 2 shifters in the package, h and sequential, so you can quickly swap between the two when needed (this is the one thing which was "better" on the G25 as it allowed you to switch between h and sequential by turning a knob).