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My Painful First Impressions Review of Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO a Parody-ish video

Discussion in 'Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo' started by Allan Chen, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Allan Chen

    Allan Chen

    First I must say that this is a First Impression review (PC) of my first 2 hours with the game because I really am considering a Refund because of the current state of the full version of game and the SILENCE by the devs on Steam Forums, really feels that they abandoned any support for the game. Looks like the PC support was not a priority to Milestone and its really a shame. The good physics and a surprising amount of content is hugely overshadowed by bugs and unstable fps performance that adds horrible input lag at least on my G27 Wheel.
    I did played the demo quite a bit and I actually was excited by the full game, so much that I bought the Special edition with Season Pass and DLC... But got disappointed after I couldn't even play the game for about 2 days after release because of bugs.

    I don't consider myself a "Hardcore" competitive level simracer, and I'm just someone that is a racing fan that enjoy racing sims with a steering wheel (G27) and try to learn and improve at my own pace avoiding the stress and huge time-sink of the racing sims competitive side.
    I have about 600 hours on Assetto Corsa, 50 hours on rFactor 2 (recently bought) and about 140 hours on Dirt Rally (main content on my channel at the moment)

    This game is not "simracing" friendly. Lack of multiple devices/controllers support like DIY handbrakes or button box. No triple screen support.

    This RD post is just a relay to my Steam Review and YouTube First Impressions video.
    <mod edit: videos should go into our racetube section: http://www.racedepartment.com/media/>
    *So can I link it like this?* Racetube Video

    From my Steam Review:

    -Those who can't decide between this or Dirt Rally or WRC 5 as a Rally game. Get DiRT Rally.
    -Those that want a casual racing experience.
    -Those who are not willing to deal with the bugs and can't ignore bad sound/graphics/performance.
    -Those who don't have a good gaming PC.
    -Those who have a steering wheel currently not supported on the game, mainly high-end gear. Check forum first.
    -Those that can't play without a add-on Handbrake or Button Box (No support)

    -Those who are willing to deal with the bugs and can ignore bad sound/graphics/performance.
    -Those who played hours and hours of Dirt Rally and want more content in general.
    -Those who want a realistic rallying experience.
    -Those who have a good gaming PC
    -Those who have supported wheel. G27 works if "Allow game to adjust" is UNTICKED on the Profiler.


    Game PRO/CONS

    - Surprising amount of content on both Rally Stages and Cars from all eras of Rally (More content than Dirt Rally)
    - Stages are very narrow just like in real life.
    - Game physics and terrain surface/car dynamics are very realistic, definitely a simulation game if you turn off the Assists. Its debatable if this game simulation/driving part is better than Dirt Rally.
    - Like Dirt Rally, it simulates the challenges of Rally racing. So it is difficult but rewarding game experience.
    - Price is fair if you eliminate the bugs and performance issues. There is a lot of content for the money.
    - Progress and Car Unlock systems tied with Reputation and Credits earning. *We need more of credits based unlocks on racing simulations.

    - Unstable game-breaking performance, framedrops and micro-stutters that adds horrible input lag on controllers and wheels
    - Terrible and limited Graphics options, can only change the already limited options outside the game in a Launcher.
    - Terrible car sounds design, the sound is rough but the sound positioning is usable.
    - Mediocre but believable graphics,
    - Unpolished and very stupid amateur bugs, the game ONLY SAVES if you have ENGLISH UK selected on the Windows Control Painel>Region and Language Settings. You will get stuck on the Tutorial if you choose it just after making your team because you need to select the type of controls you are using. ALT-F4 is only solution.
    - Stupid lack of support for simulation gear for a SIMULATION GAME (Common sense, please Milestone) like high-end Steering Wheels, Handbrake, Button Box, Joystick add-ons.
    - Limited usable steering wheel/controllers/keyboard when in-game, can not use the keyboard buttons if using a controller or steering wheel or controller. Meaning if you use a wheel you can not use the keyboard or joysticks to function on conjunction, I can't use my Flight Stick as Handbrake like I do in Dirt Rally and other racing sims.


    At the current state of the game I DO NOT recommend it, a lot of bugs and instabilities in the games performance. However if you are getting bored with DiRT Rally and just want more rally content with a surprisingly good driving physics then feel free to get this game a try, you can refund it later anyway.

    BUT BE WARNED: You must deal with the bugs and annoyances of this game, if you are not a patient guy or gal, then stay FAR AWAY of this game.

    The lack of response from the Developers Milestone is very disrespectful to those that want this game to be at least playable with a stable performance.

    I made a First Impression / Review with some parody video with more in-depth look on the bugs, how to fix them, how is the physics, And other info. If you want more information, please check my video.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2016
  2. aka2k


    I agree with your review. My first impression was that this game sucked. But after a week playing, I'm fairly surprised with most of it and how enjoyable it was so far. It's actually the nicest thing Milestone did since 1996 with Screamer 2. The physics is definitely good but it's no Dirt Rally - and nothing is actually. I don't think it's even fair to compare. Nothing compares directly to the sleeper classic that Codemasters did.

    But other than that, Loeb Rally does hold up very well against other sims. Gravel and mud driving is spot on. It's just a damn shame that it's a Milestone product and in the end, they won't fix anything and people will just forget about it. If they did a bit of effort to fix stuff like missing triple screen and 21:9 support, high-end wheel support and graphics optimization, it would be a more serious contender against other sims. Could be actually pretty great. It does remind me a lot of old rally classics like Mobil 1 Rally from 1999 and RAC Rally from 1996.
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  3. Skazz


    Milestone has a track record of very little post-release support. I doubt SLRE will be any different. Assume what you get out of the box is what you'll also have in a year.

    One thing I've noticed on the PS4 version is that there's a clear difference in quality between some of the rallies. It's kind of Forza style, where you get a big difference between older tracks/cars and new models built specifically for this game. But worse because the newer tracks also seem to perform better, less stuttering in replays, less graphical glitches, etc...

    SLRE has somewhat more content than DiRT Rally (although I think we're talking ~30km per rally and 8 rallies, as compared to 20km per rally and 6 rallies in DR), but if you compare the intensity of the experience DR is way ahead. However, they do augment each other. As a DRSLRE owner I now have hundreds of km of rally stages to enjoy, and a huge selection of pretty much every interesting rally car ever.
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  4. HoiHman


    Normally i drive with the AccuForce and HE-pros but because they are not supported, I installed the good old CSWv2 and connected the CSPv2 + CSHB + CSSQ to the Fanatec wheel base.


    Every device was recogised by SLR. :cool:

    The Fanatec gear is a pretty good set and the 55" is sufficent, but you have to understand that this is my usual rig and it feels like a big step backswards.


    First impressions : Pretty good :thumbsup:

    I drove the game for just under 2 hours straight and these are my pros and cons:

    - Physics (easier to drive than Dirt Rally)
    - Great Car and Track selection
    - Good Presentation
    - Rewind option (which you don't have to use offcourse)
    - Extended career mode
    - 3D pace notes !!! (reminds me of RBR)

    - No support for : AccuForce / Multiple controllers / Simvibe / GS-4 Motion seat
    - No triple screen support
    - No adjustable cockpit view
    - Windscreen gets dirty, but there's no wiper option ???
    - You have unlock content first
    - Milestones bad track record on patching their games in the past
    - There's no support for DashMeterPro

    Overall it was worth to install my CSWv2 again to be able to try Sebastian Loeb Rally. I will probably continue to play it for a while, but the immersion factor in Dirt Rally with Simvibe + AccuForce + GS4 and Triple screens is so much bigger.

    That why in the end i will go back to Dirt Rally because it has so much better support for all my race peripherals.

    For me it's hard to really judge the physics of a not supported game compared to other racegames that have the full Simcommander 4 support. AccuForce + GS-4 + Simvibe have a big impact in how you perceive the game physics.

    If Milestone were to patch the game fixing my cons and SimXperience would support it........i could play SLR for a VERY long time.

    I played some more this weekend and while the game is a lot of fun and some Rally Stages are great, i just don't really "feel" it.

    SLR is, for me, a good console experience on the PC. It's fun for a while, but in the end i will get back to the "real" PC sims which support all my race gear. I understand that people on the console like the game a lot, but on the PC, with the right equipment, you can do so much better.

    Still i can see myself playing this game some more because when everybody in the house is sleeping, the Buttkickers and the AccuForce make to much noise in Dirt Rally so i can't play it. Playing SLR with the CSWv2 makes hardly any noise at all

    One thing : I tried Pikes Peak with the Peugeot Test Car and it's freaking awesome :bowdown::bowdown: Much, much better than those Hill Climb cars in Dirt Rally that slide all over the place.

    I did not have any performance issues. The game at the highest settings ran fine on my 980Ti without any noticable framedrops.
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  5. Allan Chen

    Allan Chen

    Interesting to see an opinion of someone like you that have such nice gear! :)

    Besides the bugs that I can ignore, the main problem for me is the framedrops with my current PC (FX-8320 + GTX770), its just game breaking at least for me. And I don't have any issues with performance in other sims besides rFactor 2 but fine if turned down some of the graphics on it. On Seb's Game I don't have an option to tweak the graphics to suit my current PC configuration.
    I want to experience the new stages and cars missing in DR so bad! But the badly optimized graphics is a let down for me :( .

    After about an week and NO devs reply on the Steam Forum I took the decision to request a refund and it just got approved.
    Really sad that I had to do this, I did send a lengthy message to Milestone along side the refund request, lets see if at least the refunds messages gets their attention. I did point out to them that its a huge profit lost for them not taking proper support to their game.
    It just feel a shameful waste to let this game the way it is... there is a lot of content and decent physics to make it successful.
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  6. HoiHman


    Milestone has a very bad track record regarding supporting their games after the release. It's obvious that their main target is selling their games on the consoles and they just did a quick PC port for the additional sales. That is a shame. The game could have been so much better.

    Like mentioned above. I will continue to play the game for the additional content but on the PC Dirt Rally gives me a better experience.

    However if you play the game on the consoles (XB1/PS4) i can imagine that SLR is good competitor for Dirt Rally.
  7. aka2k


    That Pikes Peak is a killer track. That's easily the best part of the game. I just freaking love it. And the best part is to climb it with a non hill climb car, especially with a Peugeot 106 or the Renault Clio Williams. It's so damn fun.
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  8. Msportdan


    hope milestone fix this is is the best rally experience ive had for while!
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