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I'm currently at work so I thought I would share some thoughts with you lovely people.
My Mojo - was lost for a while and this was down to a few things of which some happened on this site. I was happily playing RF2 up until March/April time of this year then I jumped ship and spent the next few months on Pcars. Unfortunately, some of the posts on here were not very pleasant and I even got involved in some of that. It kind of put me off sim racing and even this forum. For a good while now, I've steered clear of all that and I feel much better about things. The last 2 weeks my mojo has returned and that seems to coincide with getting back into RF2 again. I've only been sim racing for a couple of years now and I've been through all the sims, spending up to 5-6 months on some and only a few hours on others. All of them have had some good stuff in them but non have given me what RF2 gives me. I enjoyed pCars but it became stale, the patches were not really addressing the big issues and I started off with minimal bugs and seemed to develop new bugs after each patch which in my eyes seems backward. The game lacks soul If you understand. Yes I had some good racing but it still didn't fit like a nice glove. I also think that any game that is cross platform like Pcars will ultimately mean less time for fixing things and I wish proper sims would stick to pc only. I used to be a console gamer lol but personally when it comes to sims stick to pc. Although I don't play AC, I just hope for you guys that enjoy it that when it goes to console they don't spend more time dealing with console issues and neglecting the pc side. Which brings me back to now and RF2. This fits lovely like a glove. Everything feels nice and snug, it's as If I'm supposed to be here. I'm sure some of you will feel the same about your favourite sims and will understand what I mean. The last week has seen a big influx of new players and I hope RD embraces that and strikes while the iron is hot. This is the time for staff to be on the ball with club racing and all fellow rf2 people need to be encouraging others to get involved. The RF2 community on here is the most knowledgeable I've met and they are all willing to share their information so keep asking those questions and experienced rf2ers please keep answering. Just on another note, AC I've only had a few hours and even from early access I've never managed to get the feel. I watched all the Stefano streams and kept trying the game but it's just not working. I've got nothing against it and some of the AC guys that raced with us on RF2 are super fast. GSCE this I'll keep dabbling with as although it used to fit like a glove till I met RF2. RRRE I've spent a fair bit of money on this but this is a curates egg! I haven't quite figured out this one yet and I've not put that much time in but that ffb is just lacking something for me. I'm not giving anymore money till I'm satisfied I'm getting the feeling. Anyway I hope you've enjoyed my read and remember to enjoy whatever you play. Cheers


Got to say I keep coming back to rf2.i just wish the game was easier to setup things. Example I love the Nissan gtr around bathurst... But i just want to race against say 20 odd other cars with different skins and proper drivers... I download the community skin pack and whilst I get some different skins I end up with drivers called things like twista... Kinda ruins immersion

What's your favourite combination? What settings do you use like aggression and ai limiter? I want the ai to be racey and aggressive but fair


Try Oregon Raceway Park, 20-30 minute race, clockwise, with the Clio Cup cars. AI limiter = 0, Aggression = 50%, Strength = 100%-110% depending on your own talent.

And Lime Rock Park, no chicane, with the historic F3s. Same settings.
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