My Miata's first trackday, VIR Grand Course



Here's a couple of laps from my first session, after warmup lap. Still feeling out the car and gaining trust. First lap was slow but I got comfortable pretty quick. Still braking early thru most of it though.
Slowest car on the track by far. Next slowest was a Mini with a <100hp advantage on me. I get roosted by a Ferrari, a Porsche GT3 RS, a McLaren, and a V8 Stock car.

On stock suspension, car was better than I expected. Not stock alignment though. Pushing hard in faster sweepers really upset the front, lots of bouncing. Likely I'll upgrade shocks and add stiffer ARB. But other than that, felt great.

Oh, and camera mount needs to be revisited. Gets horribly bouncy over 90mph.


Great job sir! As an instructor with many HPDE organizers and 300+ students, you did a great job of Heal and Toe, smoothness in the wheel and brakes, and also track awareness. I would suggest a hardtop, roll bar,
and if you aren't wearing one, a Hans device with a five point harness. Heck, I'd ride with you any time! Jack



Thanks so much!
I've driven there before, but this was my first time pushing an "analog" car. No ABS or anything. I honestly had no idea where my limits of traction were until I got out there because I never drive hard on the street.
I've got a roll bar mounted, and will add harness bar before next season. Wanted to see if I liked the car before going all-in. Definitely getting a Hans when I go to a harness.
I do love driving sans top though. It was a great experience.

Track awareness? Yeah, I got a lot of practice giving point-bys, ha ha!
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