My Gomez custom Sim Industries Formula Pro Elite


just want to show you my custom Gomez Sim Industries Formula Pro Elite here, wich i received last week. Last monday i tested the **** out of it with 920km in Iracing at VIR. Buttons and encoders are on i really high level in terms of quality. Both feel super smooth. Shifters are also high quality, but not on the same level as the Ascher ones, wich for me are the Benchmark, when it comes to paddleshifters. Sometimes the Gomez shifters feel scratchy, if that is the right word to describe and they are loud. But they are still on a high quality level, never missed a shift. The Grips are thick, sometimes i think too thick, as i dont have really big hands. But this is subjective. At the end of the day, i never had a wheel, that was so much gripy/comfortable to drive.

Then the looks. The wheel itself looks like straight pulled out of a modern GTE/GT3/LMP racecar, wich i always wanted to have. Really dont need anything else for modern GT cars and also LMP`s anymore. Would love to see a smaller version in such a style for formula cars in the range of 26 - 28cm.

The pricing is really heavy with for a custom wheel about 1550€ now. But i buyed it back in December, where here in germany the taxvalue was only 16%, instead of 19% and the customs where not so expensive. So i got it for roughly 1100€. Now i really don`t know if i would buy again, as o its expensivnes. But you really get, what you payed for and not also that, you can watch your wheel build at the Gomez Sim Industries twitch stream, wich is freakin awesome.

Have me set an endurance championship with Iracings benchmark AI with GT3`s, LMP`s and GT4`s. Cannot wait to start the (real time) season at 23th April.

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