My game refuse to autosave, pls help

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  1. mBcHc


    I've tried the following method,
    [SIZE=12px][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#333333]We've found that the following workaround allows you to start saving your progress again.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12px][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#333333]1.  [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=12px][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#333333]Select Multiplayer -> Split Screen -> Press Start on a second controller / keyboard -> P1: Select any team & driver -> P2: Select any team & driver -> Any Race Settings -> Any track.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12px][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#333333]2.  [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=12px][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#333333]Once on track P1 pause and select Options -> Driving Controls and change Control Profile to another option and then back again.  Exit back out of the Pause menu.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12px][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#333333]3.  [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=12px][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#333333]P2 pause and select Options -> Driving Controls and change Control Profile to another option and then back again.  Back out to Pause Options, select Quit To Main Menu -> Yes.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12px][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#333333]4.  [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=12px][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#333333]You should now be able to save again.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    For references,

    From Codemaster Forum,but it still no able to start autosaving my current career process.

    Can someone help ?
  2. Dan Hawkins

    Dan Hawkins

    Hi mate,

    Can you elaborate slightly?

    What is the exact problem, when does it occur? PC I guess - from your link?

    Graham Laing is the local friendly super-PC-hero
  3. mBcHc


    okay, just when I finish my new 100% career race, the game didn't save my process, when I next join the game, it stated my race not finished,and back to practice session
    I was confused and frustrated...
    Thank you so much for help:)
  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    Workarounds should not be required at this stage of the game, the autosave bug was meant to have been fixed in Patch 2. The current state of the game is Patch 12.

    I would certainly check what game version you are running, by opening the game_version.txt file in the location below, and or the game .exe file. If you do not have what is stated below, then you are not fully patched.

    YourSteamInstallDrive:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\f1 2012

    Current game F1_2012.exe version =
    game_version.txt = Master Universal.835376 08/11/2012 10:02

    You can also ensure that you are fully patched and that no game files are corrupted, missing, or broken in some way, by verifying your game files via Steam.

    Run Steam > Right Click on F1 2012 > Select Properties > Select the 'Local Files tab' > Select 'Verify integrity of game cache'.

    If there are any problems with any of your files then they will be automatically downloaded for you.