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    I have been wanting to share my Formula One carrer with some fellow enthusiasts but I just recently found this wonderful website and I am two seasons into my career. I would like to outline by first two seasons and then do my third race by race, sort of like a career story with news on each race like you would find on the BBC.

    Season 1 - Team Lotus

    I started off slow to say the least, but I managed to secure top ten finishes in Bahrain, Australia and Malaysia. Amazingly, I dominated China and took the win, but it wouldn't be until Canada that I would win again. Still, consistency was something I had going for me, so I was in the top ten in points.

    All of sudden, the Lotus came alive and I won in Montreal, Valencia and in Spa. Those three wins took me to third in the points, right behind Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber. I overtook Hamilton in Italy and was trailing Webber. Honestly, I didn't think I could beat him because I wasn't very good at the last Asian / Brazilian leg of the season. Yet, despite my reservations, I was right in the hunt. I never won any of the races, but it all same down to Abu Dhabi. If I won and Webber finished third or worse, I would be champion. Well, I won and Webber choked and came sixth. I claimed by first world title with five wins.

    Season 2 - Red Bull

    Yes, I was an idiot and never signed with a team because I wanted Force India. That didn't happen so it was either Red Bull, Virgin or Hispania and you can bet which one I took. With a years more experience and a dominating car, I was a favorite for the title.

    Bahrain was a win for me in dominating fashion and Australia I dominated as well, but mother nature decided against me and Jenson Button beat me on race strategy. One win and one second place. Not bad. Following a fourth place effort in Malaysia and won once again in China, but retired in Spain because of sheer frustration.

    Monaco came around and I was quick but the devil in my back seat. That car was so slippery, but I managed to hold on and win by first race at Monte Carlo. Following a hard fought third place in Turkey, I rattled off three straight wins at Canada, Valencia and Silverstone to give me a nice lead in the points from Fernando Alonso, who at the point hadn't been more than ten points from me all season.

    My own driving errors cost me the win in Germany and I just plain don't like Hungry, so I came sixth, but in all honesty, I should have been tenth or worse. Alonso closed like a hungry wolf smelling blood, but I pushed him back with two wins in Spa and Italy.

    This is where it gets interesting. Had Alonso won two of these races and finished in the top ten the rest of the way out, he would have been champion, but he didn't. I got away with a DNF in Singapore, a DSQ in Japan and two fifths in Korea and Brazil. I took the title in Brazil and won Abu Dhabi to cap off my time with Red Bull.

    Nine wins, a world title, my second by the way, and the constructors championship. If only Fernando hadn't choked this would have been a different story all together.

    My career:

    14 Wins
    12 Poles
    2 WDC
    1 WCC

    $10m Earned ( I wish )

    I hope you can follow along to this third season with Force India.
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    Force India: Season 3 Race 1

    Bahrain Grand Prix

    Qualifying: The typical drivers fell out of the first round of qualifying, but Force India's Adrian Sutil was one of the surprising drop outs in the second round. Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes had both of their drivers in the third round, along with Kamui Kobayashi and Bryan Usrey, the reigning world champion.

    Webber was on pole for nearly the entire session, but on a hot lap with one minute left on the clock, Usrey pipped him for the lead spot on the grid.

    Race: A lack of action doesn't begin to describe the start of the 2012 season, but that's just what double world champion Bryan Usrey wanted, although he did have his slip ups in the first five laps.

    The back of that Force India seemed to be floating on air, as it danced and hopped around endlessly, allowing Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso to maintain a five second gap. With all that slipping and sliding, Usrey's tires went out early a he came in on lap five, a move that in hindsight was not the smartest idea by his crew.

    Usrey fed out in 13th place, behind three fighting cars that caused him to have a less than stellar out lap. As the pit stops came and went, Usrey would up in third place, behind Alonso and Webber.

    Corner after corner the Ferrari of Alonso and the Force India of Usrey fought back and forth, but heading into turn eight, the world champion showed his force and cut under the Ferrari for second place on lap seven, leaving Usrey with eight laps to run down the Red Bull of Webber who was six seconds ahead.

    Turn five was the saving grace for the Usrey, as he managed to close the gap each time around that particular bend. Lap and after lap that double world champion caught the runner up in 2010 and finally, on lap 14, the gap was officially closed and the pressure was now on Webber to hold the lead.

    The bumpy section of turn five, six and seven played havoc with drivers all day, but when Webber when wide, he knew his lead was gone. Usrey took him heading into turn seven and never looked back, bringing the car home for his first win and 15th of his career.

    Webber managed second, with Alonso and Kobayashi following him across the line. Adrian Sutil only managed 12th place, a less than stellar effort that led to criticism from the media after the race.

    Up Next: Australia
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