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Aug 7, 2014
I tried this game a few years back and it was fun, but as noted a little light on the content due to the developer having many projects under his belt at once and being just one man. (given that fact the work he does is amazing).

If more people support the project maybe he can get some more help?
It's really great to see this little nearly unknown project getting some press from RD!

BTW: When I tried the game it had native VR support making it the only VR bike game I can think of! ;)
He doesn't want help. He has been offered money/help many many times. He would rather his games die slowly at snails pace. I been waiting for more development on GP Bikes for about 7 years. I gave up moved on. Motogp is better these days anyway.


Feb 4, 2011
Hello everybody,

I have increased the entry for globals.bml in the data.mix under DB the driver from 16 to 18 or 22.
But also the roster works in such a way that 18 or 22 riders take part in the race.
positions 18 or 22 are also shown in the race but there are only 16 drivers at the start. does anyone know where you can edit the starting grid? I looked at the startinggrid.mix but unfortunately I can't do anything with the .bin or .res file.

maybe someone knows something.

Thank you very much