MXGP 3 Monster Energy SMX Riders Cup DLC Released

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    Milestone Games have released the first piece of DLC content for the new MXGP 3 game... introducing the Monster Energy SMX Riders Cup.

    Released to a positive reaction from fans of the series, MXGP 3 appears to mark a considerable upturn in fortunes for a series that has seemingly failed to capture the video game playing audience in the way in which the real world series has achieved over recent years.

    Using a combination of simulation features mixed with ease of access and usability, in MXGP Milestone have attempted to recreate a satisfying official MXGP racing title that still appeals to the wider racing game audience.

    Notable for the use of the increasingly popular Unreal 4 Engine, MXGP 3 looks to be very much a return to form for a franchise struggling following its initial public launch back in 2014.

    With the game having been out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC since May, Milestone have released the very first piece of DLC content for the title, adding the Monster Energy SMX Riders Cup DLC. Adding the Supermotocross competition, the new DLC sees six bikes from KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki brought to the game and eligible to race in the new indoor Arena of Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

    The player can select any bike among 250cc and 450cc and all 4 strokes models to race around the indoor arena circuit, a far cry from the large scale outdoor venues that form the majority of the locations found within the default content of the title.

    The new DLC is available to purchase now and retails at £3.99 for the PC version of the title.

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  2. Metla


    I was about to purchase, Until I discovered it was a single track....
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  3. mysterion157


    It was advertised as a replica of the event (that was only one track). The part that gets me is that a third of the riders are missing (I assume to licensing issues).