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Bram Hengeveld

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Dec 26, 2006
The Italian developers of Milestone have announced a new motocross video game for the leading gaming platforms PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

After a first attempt last year with MXGP it's successor is already in the works. Although the game opened up a new genre in dirt racing it didn't really take off as expected. Whereas Milestones annual MotoGP games have quite a large gaming and modding community MXGP remained it's little brother followed by yet another (street)motorbike title RIDE from the same studios following closely.

The new trailer only shows some real life MXGP footage with exactly zero seconds of gameplay, our best guess is that the title is far from completed yet despite the release date being set already in February of next year according the press release that was issued today.

A pulsating mechanical heart, powered by petrol and immersed in dust and mud, forged in the flames of the furnaces of master mechanics - the sound of the engine roaring in your helmet - the vibrations of the bike, every judder and jolt felt by players around the world, clutching their gamepads: these are the concepts guiding the development team working on the new chapter of the videogame series dedicated to one of the most adrenalin-charged, competitive, and spectacular two-wheel motorsports out there.

The stars of this new title are the riders, the teams, and the circuits of the 2015 season that have kept spectators glued to their screens and on the edges of their seats right up to Romain Febvre clinching the world title at the Netherlands MXGP on 30 August. As if that weren't enough, MXGP2 ups the stakes: the game covering the 2015 season brings a breath of fresh air, along with a blast of exhaust fumes, with the introduction of vehicle and rider customisation, indoor arena events, and much, much more. MXGP2 will ensure players keep one hand ready on the throttle, placing them firmly at the centre of the videogame experience.

The career mode is present and correct, alongside on-line and off-line modes to challenge players and push their gamepads to the limits, right up to the ultimate test: winning the title of undisputed Motocross champion, standing shoulder to shoulder and riding bar to bar with leading names in international Motocross racing, like Ryan Villopoto and eight-time world champion Tony Cairoli.

Luisa Bixio, the VP at Milestone, says “Motocross is a thrilling and spectacular sport, bringing together a dynamic, enthusiastic community of fans, who are always ready to share their ideas for new features and ideas with us." She continues, "After our experience with MXGP, and its positive reception from critics and fans alike, we got to work on developing MXGP2. The passion that the development team working on the game are putting into every detail, and the expertise they have built up working on titles for the current generation of consoles, allows us to create a product that will satisfy the needs of all Motocross fans." Luisa Bixio concludes by inviting "everybody to warm up your engines, and get ready for an adrenalin-charged and passion-driven experience."

In development at Milestone studios in Italy, MXGP2 – The Official Motocross Videogame is scheduled for a february 2016 launch on Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and Windows PC®/STEAM™.​
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Sep 28, 2009
They should sell their company to more competent developers. Be careful they don't patch any of their buggy released games. they don't have any respect for customers!!!


May 26, 2014
Oh men it looks like the real thing. Amazonn graphics and handling.


Nov 13, 2012
Sad, but I do agree that SBK 2000/2001 (for EA) was their best effort to date. But I personally haven't minded their modern 2 wheel games... the rally ones need more work (will see with seb loeb rally evo). Would be interested in trying the next version of MXGP, as I got fair bit of play time out of the first version. Would love if they'd try to add stadium supercross to the mix.


Aug 28, 2012
Guys, don't be too harsh on poor Milestone guys....
People expecting too much or expecting I guess... something... else. Same thing in WRC 5 forum.
MXGP is actually very fine game. :geek: I had hours and hours of high entertaining time with this one.
I like it's physic a lot. The feel of the being on the bike and actually driving the damn beast is great. And I like how the bikes look. What I don't like is the textures of the track and their surroundins. The size of the game (just a couple of G) says to me that they use way too low textures for 2014-15 standards.
Maybe that'y why game flies like mad on my spec. :roflmao: But, seriously, they should double the textures. :devilish:
Sound could be better too. :p


Aug 28, 2012
So, should we open new forum section now ?

So we get free roaming mod now ? Wow, great.

I just hope drive model would be fun to drive like in previous game. Or better.
When I drove bikes (MotoGP series or these, motorcross category) I have always dive with 3rd person view, this was first game that make me actually enjoy 1st person view more. And drove it like that all the times. Jumping with this view is ...really ...something.
Though, I can not understand why the drivers are from 2015 ? Licence troubles, guess. :-/
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Dave R

Mar 17, 2015
I've got it on my wishlist but won't pay full price for it. When it goes on sale, I'll pick it up as I did enjoy the first one.


Sep 18, 2015
Hi !
I don't know if a people is here but i need help ! I have make a custom DLC for MXGP2. With it, i can select all equipment for my custom rider like in this video :

Now, i would like to add my dlc in the "Download Menu" to make a clean DLC and release it.
But after many hours to search in the differents files i don't find where add my DLC.

Someone have already add DLC in the Milestone's Game ?