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Mustang GT Stock, Tuned and Brutal Supercharged Sound mod

Sounds Mustang GT Stock, Tuned and Brutal Supercharged Sound mod 1.0

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AlexTheGamer1516 submitted a new resource:

Mustang GT Stock, Tuned and Brutal Supercharged Sound mod - A good stock sound up to a brutal supercharged Mustang!

Hey everyone! This is my first sound mod that I've decided to release. I made this sound mod because (well i was bored) and there was no good stock sound for the Mustang. Then, I added a few superchargers, and then decided to go all out on a brutal sound.
Included is a replacement sound for the stock Mustang, one with a tuned exhaust, one with stock exhaust and a supercharger bolted on, and lastly one supercharged one with an exhaust made by the devil himself. Enjoy!
Ps: If there's enough...

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The external sounds could use some work on the pitch but it's always good to have mod sounds for cars that Kunos didn't do proper justice on
It needs a lot of work really, especially the *off* throttle volumes Yikes thats jaring.. Keep at it and if you update it, UPDATE the videos lol